You’ve heard of “Netflix and chill,” right? Well, now “Facebook and chill” might just become a thing, as a new bot named “And Chill” will help you find new things to watch.

There’s so much entertainment out there that it can actually be hard to figure out what to put on the TV for the Netflix, Hulu, Blu-Ray, or whatever means you use to get the first part of your “and chill” going.

To use the bot, simply head to this siteThere’s a phone number you can message, or you can click the “Message Us On Facebook” button. If you choose the Facebook option, you’ll need to click a button it continue as you.


From there, just send the bot a message. It’ll ask you about movies you’ve liked recently and why you liked them. From there, you can ask the bot questions and it’ll recommend some movies that’ll suit your tastes.

If you’re a Netflix user, the bot will also tell you whether the recommendations are available on the streaming service, which will help you get to chilling and watching faster (and cheaper).

Because the bot has gained a lot of popularity of late, there are delays getting recommendations, sometimes extending to quite a few minutes. The creators promise that they’re constantly tweaking the algorithm as more people use it.

How do you get movie recommendations? Any services you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Peter Bernik via ShutterStock