Hey everybody my name is Tara and I’m with the Kat Von D beauty artistry collective and I get to introduce to you guys dagger tattoo liner a really cool story that Kat was talking about was that whenever she would talk about tattoo liner and her posts she would always use the dagger emoji which i think is so freakin.

Rad and so she named this bad boy here right off of that it has this really cool.

Kind of angular tip to it and it’s the same award-winning formula so it’s going to be totally waterproof totally long-lasting it’s not going to smear or smudge on you at all and.

I’m going to show you guys a really cool kind of fun easy winged eyeliner but you guys have to stay tuned to watch it so I’m gonna start with the edge pointing outwards to.

The inner corner of my eye first I’m just gonna drag this across so now I’m going to go in and create the center part of the liner and then here the trick you.

Want to flip it the other way so the point is facing outward and drag back so if you notice I kept it thin going across here and I’m starting to thicken the wing towards the edge because this side is slightly down turned and I like to use where kind.

Eyelid and top eyelid kind of Connect and then I like to use that as my guide to drag out and up with the pointed tip of dagger facing outward this way and then I flip it and then I’m going to connect to.

The center area here alright so now that I kind of have this outward sideways V going I’m gonna now take the dagger and fill in that gap so let’s pretend like you.

Did this number right and you’re like I’m never gonna be as good as this tutorial that I’m watching let me show you guys how to fix this you’re gonna take your favorite makeup wipe a concealer brush and you’re gonna take a little bit of that residue on to the brush and clean up right underneath that I like to take whatever is kind of left underneath.

This wing and kind of reactivate this concealer here and looking good again and I’m going to create the same exact wing on this side all right guys so I just finished my winged eyeliner look make sure no matter what your eye shape is even if it’s not like mine you could totally use the same tips that I.

Guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time.