In this lecture I’m gonna install nodejs on Linux and that I’m gonna install to my Windows Device so this time when I install on Linux I’m gonna do it via terminal so let’s go over here to our terminal and let’s type a command sudo which gives it administrative rights apt-get install node dot jeaious then it will prompt for.

The administrative password let’s put that in let’s press yes so this is gonna install all my note packages now it’s finished installing my node packages now I will install.

The node modules associated with that the different packages so let’s put sudo apt-get install NPM so let’s press yes again.

Give it a second to install sometimes it’s nice just to do it from the command line he said I have him go onto the application and find installer let it run through the installation give it time it’s unpackaging all the libraries associated on github remember we’re going to use nodejs to create a scaffold at asp.
net core application and future tutorials.

So now that it’s installed we.

Have everything set up on our Linux device we will revisit nodejs in the future so let’s go ahead and exit out of this.

Virtual machine now let’s go to our Windows Device I already have no js’ ready for the Installer so it’s right here at the web site nodejs org and we can download the five point nine point one stable version let’s click that give it a second while it runs the security scan now let’s run the Installer so we have no js’ right.

Here there’s a setup wizard next we’re going.

To put it in that Program Files and then it’s going to create a path it’s going to add this path to our environmental variables so that we can run.

Nodejs globally let’s press next let’s go ahead and install nodejs give it a second while it installs now no js’ is installed on windows so let’s go here and type in the search no J yes we can use the command line and now we can access nodejs and create all of our scaffolded core applications we typically won’t use it on our windows device because we have Visual Studio code 2015 but if you like.

Using nodejs you can create your asp.

net core applications utilizing this to run the web server and we will go into this later when.

net core applications so we’ve installed nodejs on.

Our windows device on Mac OS X and Linux we have all the software necessary to build our environment and start building our core applications and that’s what we’ll do in the next section I want to thank you for joining me in this lecture have a nice day.