So I thought about changing my blue background to a red background for this video because you know daredevil that would have looked cool except I wore a red shirt and I’m too lazy to go change it so back to blue welcome back to my channel today we are reviewing daredevil season 3 a series I always loved talking about.

I don’t actually think I’ve done a review of one of these seasons of daredevil before this is my.
First one if you guys don’t know I love the first season.

And I love the second season this is one of my favorite shows on Netflix so of course I was excited for season 3 i binge the entire thing watching every episode today well technically yesterday today is.

Friday I’m posting this on a Saturday Friday is the day that I sat down and watched every single episode without stopping the beauty of Netflix you can binge as frequently as you want except when you have to go to the bathroom and you realize after like two hours man I’ve had to pee for a long time now and if you guys don’t know how my reviews.
Work I like to talk about the good the.

Bad and then give you my score no spoilers in this review if you think I should do a spoiler review if there is enough to talk about let me know the comments down below I.
Might just do one but right now we’re talking.

Non spoilers just to general consensus of how I feel of season 3 I.

Talked enough Austin shut your mouth we want to hear this review all right let’s do it alright so what did I like about daredevil season 3 well the things that I liked about seasons 1 & 2 is that it kept the focus on the characters even though at times it felt.

Like it was getting a little convoluted and.

That’s nothing that took away from the overall well my overall thoughts on the series as a whole it’s just something I took issue with but not something that I took issue with in season three I think season 3 is the strongest from a standpoint of oh we are.

Keeping this as simple as possible we have one main storyline and the next to that we have a bunch of small storylines whereas in like daredevil season 2 we have like three major storylines happening at once and at times it could feel a little like oh this is a bit much and I love daredevil season 2 but I like how season 3 went back to its roots and I mean literally if you have seen the trailer you know that he kind of sticks.

With that black suit for the majority of the season it’s like when Spiderman goes back to his original outfit and spider-man at home you just get.

That sense of like oh we’re back to our roots back to.

Where we started from seeing daredevil back it’s just like a black outfit with a black mask pulled over his eyes I know it’s so simple but for the character and mostly for a nostalgic purposes from season one I think it works so well it is daredevil and Matt Murdock getting back to his roots and that’s exactly what happens in this season and in Episode one this season.

Reintroduces us to this world now we’ve had two seasons to build it but it has been a while it’s been like two and a half.

Years since daredevil season two now yes we got defenders in between them I thought the show was okay there were parts I liked parts I didn’t like but we get back into the smaller scaled story and it reintroduces us to the world that we know and most importantly the world that we love we get a.

Feel for what our heroes have been up to it gives us a little taste of each storyline storylines that they’re going to explore deeper later on in the season and then we go to Matt we get to explore the psyche what’s going on in his head ever since he died in that building crash the building explosion I thought that.

Was something that they would make a bigger deal and yes in the first few episodes it is I just thought it would kind of carry on through.

The season but I liked that it didn’t I like oh matt is back here he is we’re going to continue on with this story and.

The story that they continue on with I love this might be my favorite plot story we’re talking like focusing on the characters of any season of any Marvel show.

On Netflix my favorite part of this season is a spoiler now I’m not going to do spoilers in this review but at the end after I give you my score there is one thing I want to talk about one thing that I think makes this show what it is yes it’s a.

Major spoiler but yes it’s a great point that I.

Have to make in this review so then we shift from episode 1 to episode 2.

And we really get to explore the character of Ray or Rahul Nadeem now this is a character when he was first introduced I’m like ah here we go we’re adding another element to.

The plot it’s going to bog down the story that I know I’m going to care about this is where I kind of have to slap my own arm a little bit Austin you get a little bit too worried you’re an impatient person you have to wait and let it play out and as his story progressed through each and every episode as I got used and started to really this character I really started to appreciate the fact that they included.

The storyline a storyline that ties together.

So beautifully at the end of the series how they conclude this particular storyline at the end.

Of this season is just like wow I am so glad we had this character played brilliantly by Jai Olly.

So you have that storyline right then you have Wilson Fisk in comes the kingpin played by Vincent D’Onofrio I believe the best aspect of this daredevil TV show in general I mean the guy comes in his presence is felt even in the first few episodes when he gets like one or two major scenes he makes the audience feel his presence this is the kingpin this is what he’s all about.

He is going to play a giant role at the end of the season and he does his storyline was fantastic Vincent D’Onofrio continues to give one of my favorite villainous performances we have seen for Marvel and yes he talks like this but it works it’s more like a Batman my.

Apologies we can’t forget about foggy and Karin you get to explore foggy a little bit in the first few episodes then Karen gets her own.

The season really kind of diving in her past I like that I like fog ease presence I think I’m liking him more and more in season one when I first started out I’m like okay I don’t know if I love this interpretation but you.