My idea is to create an app that would provide location for all photography spot the beautiful photography spot around the area and why create this this idea because one time I woke up and I want to take some good pictures but I don’t know where to go and I know there is lots of people out there especially for.

Tourists and traveler who are new to the island they have no idea where to go to take pictures I know there is lots of tourism place around but it doesn’t.
Mean it’s a good place to take pictures I want to.

Have a make a an app that locate all beautiful spot to take not only for tourism but.

As well for photograph or stay they can take picture for the clients it’s just like waiting pictures or family pictures help them to know where is the best place in West when is the right time as well I want to.

Provide that range time that they can know when is the best time for this place and what is the tips and tricks.

To get a good picture for this certain location and then it’s my great idea.