It has been said that some of the most beautiful things in our universe are the most deadly and this well this ship is no exception hey guys morphologist here and welcome back in this episode of an architect reviews i will be taking a look at star citizen’s first Corvette the largest and most powerful military ship yet added to.

The game I’m of course speaking about the ages hammerhead in order to begin though I must reframe the way I analyze ships you see the aegis hammerhead alike the constellation was designed from a utilitarian perspective that is.

To say that they were designed to be useful or practical rather than being attractive now in the real world that would mean that analyzing it as a designer or an architect would seem kind of weird.

But in reality we have to remember that it was designed by game designers who aren’t aeronautical engineers they don’t know exactly how to put together a spaceship and therefore their goal was to design a.

Ship to look like a spaceship that would perform the functions that were stated in this case to be a warship so as you’ll see in this video.

It is through this very important for framing as well as conventional architectural analysis then I.

Shall measure the success of the design of the Hammerhead both inside and out we begin here on the bridge of the hammerhead on the interior and that’s because it is one of the most controversial.

Spaces at least to me of the design instead of mounting the bridge at the top or at the front like conventional science fiction designs it’s been mounted on the bottom this makes for a very dramatic effect but unfortunately as you could tell severely limits of vertical visibility personally I subscribe to the philosophy of form following function but there are exceptions and I think that this.

Bridge certainly is one of them and there are two things that come to mind that have led me to this conclusion one is that the space as I’ve said is.

Very dramatic and that is important for the design of the ship to leave an impression on you the second reason is because the pilot in this.

Instance does not need maximum visibility in order for him or her to perform their function and that is to provide a stable platform for the guns mounted to the hull the description of the hem read after.

I find the space very successful but there’s more to this space than just the form of it there’s also the very important details which are made to convince us that this is indeed a bridge or a cockpit there’s definitely inspiration of aircraft here with all these switches and toggles and screens on the.

Roof but what’s more interesting to me in this space is the design language that they’ve begun to employ here to convey to us that this is indeed a military ship note.

The exposed electronics the warning labels the color palette the graves the oranges the olive drab even the intentionally cooler lighting that casts hard shadows all of these are meant to compound to convey to us the message that this is a serious space meant for people who know what they’re doing but now we continue our tour moving aft to the lift that will bring us up to the main deck here on the main.