And we are live I think I hope yes I think we are definitely here we have pixel chat at number 51 g’day everybody here going just checking in to the chat box chat chat box rather let me know look here we go I’m trying to work at the best spot for this chat box I can keep it on.

All the cheeky stuff being said g’day everybody has everyone doing hopefully have had a great.

Week of photography and you enjoyed last week’s show can see a lot of great comments about episode number 50 it was good to reach that master but here we are another.

Little bit clunky getting things started with my new setup but I don’t think Elle’s ever going to come back that’s my plan everyone wants Earl back well Ozzy in particular but I’m not gonna let al come back we’re gonna continue on with the show without any hiccups that’s my plan alrighty so some of the usuals we’ve got lined up for today and.

I’m gonna also do something new.

And to see what you think alright listen the chat.

Box has been going off for ages since about 8 a.

so it’s good to see people getting in nice and early hopefully you’ve got your cuppers ready there’s mine my pics which add a cup mmm always good to get your coffee in the morning they can enjoy your yourself and get yourself woken up that’s what it’s all about isn’t it all right if you’re not already you can follow me on the following social media platforms I’m on Facebook Instagram and Twitter mostly active on Facebook but you can follow.

Me on either of those other two and you’ll be able to catch up with.

Everything that’s going on when you stay tuned into those in social pipes whatever you wanna call them well let’s have a.

Look through the chat box who’s here we’ve got chance could a chance from your work it get a Tim Tim Acosta Susan Rick it was a good house heap all good I die steady how you doing Brian g’day Brian Wow lots.

Of people there Sam could I same said two missed last week’s show but as you say cadet there take some photos I did all right good good to see my catchphrase is catching on get out there and take some photos so it’s interesting you know when when I was started to do YouTube videos I thought how am I.

Going to finish these up because it’s always hard to finish a video what do you say you never know thanks for watching see you next time No so give you something more encouraging get out there get a renge easy Bala John Peter handy parts sigh net wolf awesome Susan just thinking something.

Of something cheeky to say oh yeah I’ll look forward to it oh oh I just shut my check there that’s habit isn’t it putting the finding and shutting things alright I need that for my chat so I can see what’s going on has everyone’s week been good good good to.

Hear glad you’ve had a good week alrighty so just a big thank you to the patrons because this show is made possible by our amazing supporters and in this world we call them VIPs very important photographers now if you want to become a very important photographer or probably more important than you are head down to the description you’ll see a link there you go to patreon.
com/scishow and vibrant community online a private community and.