And back home in just a few months JZ students will be developing new and healthier crop varieties in a first-of-its-kind urban agriculture research facility it’s set to break ground in NGC this month now the school has tied up with the government and a global firm to seize opportunities in the sector a foothold in thriving industries these students from.

Chaco Charlie secondary are learning about plane maintenance and si engineering it’s part of the school’s applied learning program or ALP which focuses on aviation all secondary schools run alts and they’ll also be.

Rolled out in all primary schools by 2023 which could open up to you horizons for students I really learned a lot more in what I want to doing in the future it’s cool the students learn about the principles of flight and coding through hands-on activities and their plans to read aspects like science and.

Tourism Singapore is smart that he doesn’t give a this presents a lot of opportunities.
But by the truth is not everyone want.

To be engineer I want to be a pilot or interesting this aviation industry so our initial consensus on how then can we bring it relevant to them try to look at capital management so the different staffs ASCO by still within the same industry at party secondary it’s ALP focuses on.

Fragrances lessons are carried out in a perfumery lab where students the heat will protect ourselves to extract essential oil this fragrance industry is worth over 17 billion u.

dollars alright so we wanted to give the students an opportunity be exposed.

To this because they will not be able to get it outside the school has partnered fragrance company takazato so students can visit the facilities and interact with researchers the firm hopes that by giving students a sniff of the sector they’ll be interested to be a part of it last time I never know this industry is.

This fragrance industry so that after going through this job job shadowing experience right I am more than aware this.
Industry is a chaser is your boy so..