The government plans to find its 1.

6 trillion Schilling budget through tax revenue and borrowing from foreign donors and domestically however accounting from PKF says the government risks pushing up interest rates if it borrows locally through Treasury build bonds and capital markets the expert instead say it would be better to modernize ki raise revenue collection to enable it seal.

Tax leaks especially at the county level that is means that the Kenya Revenue Authority shipped up in terms of making it efficient use technology to administer tax interacts with the taxpayers and this is the trend all over.

The world according to the fam the government is losing out on revenue from capital gains tax.

And should consider reintroducing it and it could generate up to 100 billion shillings the no reason why a person living in Cabarrus in aviation brand which is really a basic necessity for him to survive and for our rich pass on disposing.

Of his house brought hotel shares in a company not to pay taxes in addition to updating the current tax laws experts also insist that the government has to reduce its wage bill.

That currently accounts for more than sixty percent of government expenditure for Jaso at 7am belly Jenga.