Motion rehab have been used in traditional forms of physical therapy for over ten years now up until recently now this isn’t just the first for Yorkshire but the whole of the UK if you follow me through we’re gonna be able to show you a brand new high-intensity neurological rehabilitation clinic here in Morley and joining me now I can.

Pull her aside Sarah the director this is insane on the eye thirsty to look at the kind of technology you’ve got in here in plain terms.

To explain to our audience you use the likes of virtual reality to help people if I prayed on it yes so when people have injuries to their brain or their spinal cord the brain.

And it does that by doing practicing just the same as learning to play an instrument you have to practice lots so we’re using virtual reality gaming and robots to allow people to do lots of practices of something to help the rewiring say that they can recover from their injuries their illness or their disease much quicker absolutely incredible right I’ll let you crack on and help some of the patient got here.

If you follow me this way we’re going to meet some of the patients who’ve been able to experience this high-intensity clinic be able to repeat things to.

Be able to train their brain up now one of them is Adrian now you had a stroke eight years ago you played a bit of piano you’re missing it because although your left hands working.
Fine you’re struggling with.

Your right so can we kind of go through what you’re doing here to kind of you know increase the movement in your right hand Adrian’s.

Been affected with his stroke so his function in his right hand isn’t great so even after eight years he’s starting.

To make some really good progress and some recovery and if you look at what’s.

Happening with his fingers it’s the this is a pass currently on a.

Passive movement so the machines actually moving his fingers into what we called flexion which is a.
Grip and then extending his hand as well I’ve gone on this eight years.

Trying different things and this one is working very very well eventually I get to 100% motion and when they get to that laughing.