Hey guys if you’re a PC enthusiast or if your work implies staring at a screen all day chances are you’ve considered getting a second monitor whether it’s to improve your productivity or to stop alternating between apps or simply to have your chat stream options or anything like that while you’re gaming a second monitor can be quite useful however.

These can take a bit of space on your desk and might require a bit of rearrangement and it can be quite pricey too depending on the size resolution panel type and refresh.

Rate so I try to find an option that wouldn’t break the bank and be small enough that it would fit on pretty much any desk and I’ve ended up ordering this 7 inch IPS touchscreen monitor from weight share I know I know it’s really small it retails for about 85 bucks as of the time of filming but it often goes on sale and it definitely fits on any desk out there so without waiting any further let’s check.

It out it’s mainly sold as a Raspberry Pi screen but it works perfectly paired with Windows 10 based pcs and it simply requires an HDMI feed and USB for power so it’s quite versatile and it’s surprising how you can benefit from this added.

Screen real estate although it’s minor it has a 1024 by 600 pixel resolution which might seem small at first compared to a smartphone screen but it’s still 170 PPI which is actually.

Higher than a 15 inch 1080p screen which would be 147 so it’s quite impressive most popular websites will adjust this resolution so you can easily have a YouTube video playing in cinema mode there without taking any space on your main monitor.

As an example it also fits a Facebook Twitter or reddit feed and you can always scale it up or down depending on how you.
Like it and it’s just the right size for a console prompt if.

You’re a software dev like me but what makes me make a whole video about it is the fact that it’s so versatile you can use the touchscreen like you would do with a Windows 10 tablet so it.

Could somewhat replace something like an elgato stream deck if you want to control stuff at the touch of a button you can.

Have it lay flat or at an angle and it can then become another input device for certain applications while still giving you a bit of extra screen space you can even use the whole surface as a touch pad with a built-in screen so you can display whatever you want on it but still control your cursor with it you can achieve that using a software called touch mouse pointer and I’ll have a.

Link down below if you’re interested it won’t be as precise as a real trackpad but it’s not too far off either and there’s no physical click but it’s still quite impressive to use it as a trackpad although it wasn’t meant to do that in the first place Windows.
Also has a built-in virtual touch pad but it won’t.

Take the whole screen and you can put anything else on top for it.

To work so now that you’re sold on it let’s take a look at the unboxing.

So everything is well packed in the box you get an HDMI cable a USB cable and the monitor itself and you do get a disc I’m not sure why they include that for a Raspberry Pi screen and the.

HDMI cable is a bit stiff the monitor looks great it has a nice glass surface.