Live from the west coast you’re watching I think around mr.

SIL what’s up everybody how are we doing a nice uh night guys is the night of destiny the night of Domino maybe hopefully I don’t know guys I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I get another bad champion I don’t know what I’m gonna do but first.

We got to earn the shards so.

Give some quick shout outs here Tim Hampton what’s up buddy welcome to the channel may I go see you again my friend and.

I can’t find you we got the MX slasher come back we’ll update your graphic and dark.

Drift man new guy welcome to the channel man good to have you here I appreciate you coming on board for this Wilder ride tonight guys just send your positive vibes I gotta get a good opening it’s been oh it’s been way too long since I’ve gotten something good it needs to happen oh hey have it we’re gonna fish lucky off and then we’re moving on – all right safe tonight you’re not using the silic I appreciate that Mike sir and here is your new graphic Mike.

Sir so shrine yeah Caleb in the house as well dude welcome Caleb alright let’s just go with the normal the normal squad here picking the blade team out for a spin brother.

Pranksters what’s up dude how you doing man alright let’s go ahead and roll the bleep so we got back late we went out to a friend’s house we’re swimming with the kids and went on they were having a good time so it’s all right it’s all good.

People will show up if they don’t then eh it’s all good got all you.

Guys don’t worries dude never have to apologize if you can’t make the stream I’m just glad you’re here now all right so I think I only got one path left on this one which is good.

Just verifying this real quick yeah everything’s done so let’s finish this and dude I’m serious like like sir just just start sending.

The good vibes man ooh six star jugs oh no oh no that’s not great that’s not great Zeid gemin are what’s up man welcome to the channel and we got Alex sup dude I lied can I get a Kabam graphic yeah dude no worries man see where is.

That kaboom there it is 6 our jugs ouch that’s that hurts dude it’s cuz you gotta wait until the stream is live I think that’s that’s what activates your luck I don’t know though but I’m sorry to hear you got jugs I was waiting in you for your stream in English well normally I don’t stream on Sundays but tonight guys tonight’s a special night tonight hold on.

I put Domino up in the corner Domino today guys it’s gonna happen someone in my Alliance posted a video to our line Chad I’ve been putting pulling Domino.

And they basically they just kept redoing it until the crystal went in a certain location and they got Domino’s so I’m gonna do the same damn thing how’s the family family’s good man I appreciate it thank you for asking yeah the fire is not too bad today is actually really good so I think they’re finally containing it which is great Luke nasty what’s up dude I updated your graphic as well my friend first there you go one-of-a-kind we’re surprised that he became the profile avatar ouch.

Well it’s just that’s good you want that to happen it’ll just you’ll just mess with people they think you got you know not much and then BAM show me.