If you ask someone what’s a really good logo they’re gonna say Apple with Nike they admire the company they’re never gonna say Enron because you can’t disassociate Paul Adams logo from who they were what he started as brown johnson wife and guys mom we betrayed with a lawyer of the dentist or whatever you know we do your luck.

Over you do my teeth anything but pay BJ was a heroin addict which is not a good thing to be so he’d moved to England his behavior for Simon I to basically do everything there was so much going on in the 60s we had become reasonably well known we were.

Asked by David Rockefeller could you do an abstract more to represent Chase Manhattan Bank historically each other your factory or you Joe a chair if you made chairs that’s what logos were but chase was then the second biggest bank in the country so you could establish something that was basically arbitrary the job of a logo is to identify symbols don’t make it clear what you do it just makes it clear who they are the less they say the better over time he’s going to.

Take on the characteristics for good or for bad we have to understand what our clients are which is not necessarily what they tell us we interview a lot of people you get a sense of the culture we’re not talking about design we’re.

Talking about what they do who they are how might they best be portrayed it’s a process of investigation creativity and politics I’ve been I’ve worked in parallel more than back and.

Forth we’re very different certainly in personality and how we approach design.

I have an idea to do it and that would be it.

Sometimes it’s completely off.

Always admired that whereas I would turn out hundreds of his sketches I Vandiver was interested in being able to continue organization we’ve brought on a much younger partner I’m 85 and Thomas the same age no matter how you.

Feel that’s given the hump will come to work and worry about the problems of our clients as long as we can walk it’s never the same clients are interesting I can’t the inventive job it’s more fun than being a lawyer I have a lot of friends who are lawyers and.

They’re always complaining about something I don’t hope you can find about much you.