They even produced an app for students to collect data an open source app across the country its feed it back.

Into the database people are thinking outside the box this is called the faculty open faculty packs book from a buddy Terry green at Fleming College here in Ontario they’re giving these out to new faculty as they come in the door at Fleming College today it’s like there’s a catalog of ideas that your colleagues have created that are.

Going to help you move ahead and eat Patty cool ideas for teaching great ideas for assessment need ideas for collaborative projects for students this is what that culture begins to breathe but Buddy marina Robert said rocky View and Alberta stuffiness from her k-12 school district she’s working a concept called open pop-ups that is a library of like pop-up stores but they’re actually projects that you pop up with your students out of this library whenever the opportunity arises things you can.

Do that encourage networking students talking to one another students talking to students in other classes in school encouraging risk-taking building culture of sharing cool idea collegial collaboration is the other they go but we find it in post-secondary when.

We’ve ended new stuff in the open librarians want to work together build shared resources collections of open resources that make sense for biology 101 for geography 102 when you put a bunch of faculty in a room for a week you can call it a textbook sprint and of all the resources.

They need they can produce something that is a value for their students this is the notion of the sprint comes from Google’s design sprint idea of a build code crack agile process test banks Princeton two days seventeen site faculty six institutions 850 exam questions these are.

The kinds of strategies that are becoming popular among people who traditionally kept everything to themselves in academia they’re starting to change their practice the big one is giving it away demonstrating the service mission.

Of the institution it began with moves and that’s pretty good but how about MOOCs with.

Actual credit take the move get a university like that this is a project that emanates from New Zealand but it has universities in New Zealand Australia South Africa the UK of the United States and Canada working together to launch this year a free first year program for university students that will be no cost the only cost is if you want.

An accreditation you pay for assessment people are thinking about different business models new business models are starting to emerge to make all of us work we’ve had to think hard about how we build the infrastructure here in Ontario for this and we’ve been working most recently with Ryerson to build something.

Out but one of the reasons we’re starting to be successful is we have an extremely supportive cabinet minister in Ontario Deb Matthews but one first this was.

First explained to her understood it in a heartbeat and said I want to support this and by working with our political allies we’ve.

Been able to pull off a pretty interesting program that’s well supported by students and it’s getting much more support across the country even government’s advertising your wallet is heavier your backpack.

Is lighter they’re starting to get it even in the language of metaphor this is our open textbook library here in Ontario going right now open library how do you campus Ontario that CA we find an open textbook you’re a faculty member you can adopt it for your classroom you want to adapt it we’ll work with you to show you.

How to do that that’s the library Ryerson is putting together complete publishing infrastructure so they need faculty member of the province can sign in load up an open textbook.

Start customizing it output it.

For mobile devices output it however you want to do it building the infrastructure for tomorrow but it’s well beyond tech boats project file learning activities assessment.

Homework help PowerPoint decks these are all part of the build out process our position on this is the curricular materials are funded by.

Government they should be free and open the taxpayers have already make them open make them redistributable make them accessible to Myrtle rethink things one of the rethinking z’ that we’ve been doing.

We talk a lot to students was the notion of engagement for online learning and students are not silent on what works and what sucks and so we ran a student design experience studio last January we’ve got students in the university colleges around the province and asked them to think about problems of online learning and how we could do it better for them and we use the sort of ideal design methodology to.

Work them through a whole bunch of ideation and paper prototype building to really get a handle on how can we do this there how can we make better learning experience on one and a simple.

Idea was this our post-secondary students are the recipients of online learning why would we ask.

Them why would we think we do best why wouldn’t we engage them cooperatively in the project in March we took the next.

Step and invited them to Mars design environment college and university and paired them up with vendors to talk about some of the ideas that they were thinking about with respect to engagement.

And lobster which is a simulation company out of Denmark was one of them we’ll put up our hand we want to be a part of this working with students to come up with new design ideas for how simulated.

3d VR and AR environments could be built a lot of students were interested in getting hired experience gap how do we get mired once we get out of University College our vendor partner ripen on Vancouver but also based here.

Up their hands they have an environment for managing practicums for students out there in industry it’s a three triangular environment students faculty industry faculty based projects are designed shop.

To industry industry says I’d like two or three students to work on that project students do the project students complete the project assessment is made back it’s a curricular activity not an add-on really interesting model students were trying to work with ripen to figure out a cut of eBay for experiential learning they might try to launch here in.