When it’s cold hey everyone it’s me again and today I’ve got three spy catchers you can make at home I’m doing this video because ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a spy I’m drinking it’s because I didn’t have any many ideas and this is just coming forth a lot but I finally is online and.

I don’t know how well they’re gonna work but that’s just grateful see the first one is a little spy work that you can use to spy on people while.
They do it now all you’re gonna need is a book that you don’t want and.

I chose this because I drop drop a few quicker than Disney drop Jade balls they never need this and in the video they start a minion on the front but I never want to use.

A minion so I printed out a picture of Jesus you are we gonna do is cut out your photo and stick it on I probably recommend using glue but I’m at.

How many so I just got sellotape that step one complete next you’re gonna walk up where their eye is cut out I’m using a scalpel and if you want.

Careful no joke there you go just like that and then the hard part you’ve got to align your phone camera with the hole then.

Draw around your phone and then cut it out this bit might take a while so I’ll speed it up and then once you’ve got your phone coffin set your camera to record put your phone in wallah should be recording people and no no no they’ll just think your lineage Oh juicy ah but no you can record what’s going.

On and no one will know you my next spy gadget is it’s a penny cut because it’s really easy to make parenting and it was unlike every single sheet Oriole so I’ve got a pen here and all you.

Got to do is take this off don’t need any of that and take off the end I found a better pen because that one was really broken and what you go do is take off the end take.

Out the insides yet it’s not really pain anymore but I won’t leave me some rubber bands and just stretch that over the top and yeah and just wrap it around and then put this thing in it pull back that just literally flew across the whole room you’re gonna fire at JJC you are and see how it does no go but four of these things let’s stick them together and see if they.

Work the way you stick them together it’s basically for me like this get it all and all kind of voila and then apparently what you do is special it should show up actually kind of.

Works oh my gosh let me show you I don’t know.

How well you can see that but it actually worked I know well and if you did that properly with like.
Actually go to plastic absolutely it will probably work pretty well that’s.

All I have for you today if you want to try any of them do but be careful with the scalpel and I wouldn’t recommend making the pendulum because it’s.

Pretty dangerous and if you do want to be a spy then I wear a more discreet outfit I’ve got bright pink socks on because there were like anyone’s that’s not very subtle yeah if.

You liked the video like subscribe comment something I will see you next Sunday hey I give the job to go tonight Cheers of soap.