Hi you guys it’s Deanna and I wanted to show you some awesome birthday gifts that I got from my sister Abbie for my 32nd birthday which was October 12 so I hope you guys are down so first you got me some clothes so this is a kimono one size fits all kimono we have sleeves here at the end.

On okay then we have this striped dress by voila sweet Claire so cute then we have this silver velvet top by Urban Outfitters totally my style definitely we’ve got some face mask by rule injection mask hide your lip looks like you inject liquids into here and there’s paper.

Mass in there sheet mask and then there illuminator so that moisturizing I got some cute stuffed toys I got this festive cat with a skeleton and I got this buglar funny ugly monster thank you got a head lamp because we do paranormal investigations by sunray black backpack by Massimo I love like backpack no it’s not real leather cuz I lived a vegan vegetarian lifestyle we.

Got some cool jewelry so we got.

Luna Norte Jersey courts positively healing bracelet so cute totally goes with that silver velvet top as well I love this box as well some plastic stuff for workouts we have a bike pink bike chain black and white plastic fun type bracelets we have charming Charlie’s.

Face let’s use our super cute snap John clip-on bracelets so cute and we have this headband with rhinestone ribbon she’s been planning in there I love that a super pretty super glamorous super girly like I.

Purses and we have makeup so this clutch is so super cute black and white pearls I could see myself using this to put.

My phone in some lipstick not have a mermaid’s have more fun pencil case with sequins and it’s that fabric where you can turn the sequin over have supporting women out of poverty trades of hope queen purse very summery by him pretty cute texture she gave me some makeup.

So we got tardis lip paint makeup to experiment on my lips we have Tarte a which is a vegan brand which is one reason why I love them and we have high-performance very flush Amazonian clay 12 hour blush the compact is super cute with all the holographic stars.

Let’s see the shade oh that’s beautiful let’s see how it swatches on me so that’s.

Pretty nude that’s pretty light which is a good blender mad at a high light and like a natural type thing I’m definitely gonna do something DIY with this when I’m done with some.
Makeup inside because is so.

Cool and tart eyeshadow palette love trust and fairy.

Dust cute a little bit and we have also another amazing holographic cover and inside eye shadows which I’ve been swatching and they look so well I’ll show.
You guys so we have mystical that’s so cool see how that shimmers I love.

That that’s really great for the Halloween season too magic sort of like a basic kind of almost like a rose gold and then we have giggle it’s cute whimsical oh I like that one that’s a good one wonder that’s a good for the outer edges some size flitter that one’s amazing twinkle your basic goal of their frolic that should blend well in gossamer another good blender base and which way she looks super cool yeah I totally love.

Those colors I mean even says love trust and fairy dust super cute and then it smells good too not something about tart doesn’t make a voice smells good like bakery products and.

Then the kicker she got me an instant camera for my camera collection so now I have like six cameras which is amazing this one’s original instant photo a mint looking color Green’s my favorite color so it works and I’ve got rose gold frames to go with the phone so.

I have an amazing sisters if you want to tell me about your sister go ahead and comment below I have there’s seven siblings all together and the oldest on.

My mom’s side of three and on my father’s side I’m the second youngest out of four so mmm and maybe five so I guess yeah cuz there’s john west angel patty me and Abby the Michaela yeah.
That’s all of us there’s seven of us alright so if you.

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