Yeah I uh I fucked up as opposed to play fucking give me a sec shit I like this fucking music fuck alright so guys set up to shit all right hello everyone my name is Green Gabe and welcome to a fuck welcome to outlast yeah so originally I was gonna play the part but I accidentally deleted it cuz.

With the settings and I was trying to fix something cuz like the fucking game did something like weird.

Perky shit so I ended up deleting it instead of like stopping the game so luckily I lost two downloaded so we’re fuckin playing this games I played the first one and yeah that game was fucking awful yeah it was good to like it looks like it scared the fucking but Jesus.

Out of me but I guess now we’re gonna be playing outlast 2 Oh starting I’m just here for the ride no walk in the park I enjoy dying I deserve to be punished life simulator zero let’s do a normal okay contains violence core sexual.

Times wait what the fuck please enjoy yeah enjoy this shit Lynden Angermann is a investigative journalist seeking the answers behind a pregnant woman murdered under impossible circumstances in rural Arizona you are Blake lengerman her husband assistant.

And cameraman record everything neither of you are fighters – the choice is yours okay oh oh shit oh shit oh shit oh fuck our last two yeah the first game made me fucking pissed myself what the fuck what the fuck uh okay yeah that’s always started the game fucking holy what the fuck Jessica.
This was Jessica’s Locker which Jessica Lynne is or is that is that or when.

Was your name Jessica Earth wait I forgot what the fuck is Jessica was it the bitch who died heard the bitch I’m married to and we’ll find out what the fuck hey Tommy over there yo my guy can help me out good God Oh look is that.

Fuck was there oh oh okay um so oh well what the fuck oh shit we’re at the edge fuck Oh God where the fuck did I go oh nothing matters but we review the footage oh that’s cool okay Lin knows her name oh and then that’s when my dumb ass was like fucking what the fuck is your face fuck and then that’s when we.

Crashed alright we just jump down oh we weren’t supposed.

To do that yeah nice job green you’re a fuckin dumbass see Oh was I supposed to like go home that one here oh shit wha that’s new I could jump now hey I could jump now not last two or what wait did I jump out last one I can’t remember uh maybe we might.

Come back to outlast one because like I don’t think it’s connected I feel like outlast is like there’s gonna be like a fucking Far Cry you know.

Like different games but like the night like connected they’re just different games oh when we see the wreck we need to use your name correctly at the recording event any tool weight camera where the fuck is my camera Jesus is nobody’s Oh they recorded.

Learn about the events and goals almost read so we can just look back at her footage and it’s fucking fucking sweet all the night vision I fucking remember that shit I think it takes more battery right man takes my bad oh yeah I thought it takes it takes battery takes like drinks oh.

Hi doom buddy hey hey guy music okay I feel like I want to do this but I tell ya it’s gotta be a little.