What’s going on YouTube clay Keys all back again with them and their final fantasy brave exodus banner review and today we’re literally just gonna look at Hilo on this banner because he is literally the only unit we need to really discuss maybe we can drain a bit as we do have the double step-up banner but so that’s what.

We’re gonna talk about first is that this unit is coming out with a double step-up banner and a lot of.

People have been asking me you know which one do I summon on the 11 K or.

The 25k in the end the one with the most value the most anticipated expected rate when it comes to how many he oh you’re gonna get is the 25k if you’re looking to actually spend that much lapis it’s a no-brainer giving you the rainbow in the middle and then having.

A 50-50 shot of a wake and rain or the.

Best magic 7 star take that’ll.

Be a long time the game for a minute to come in a wake and rain who is also getting their 7 star awakening by the way however if you’re not looking to spend that much lapis obviously go with the 11 K summon if you’re looking to spend maybe 36 K but you’re unsure you and you only need heal you don’t need to.

Awaken rain run the 11 K at the very.

End the very last step you have a large chance of getting hero it’s a it’s a bit smaller than the 25k and you don’t get as much value is going on through that but you’re.

Only spending 11 K lapis so I think if you are again if you are gonna spend 25 K go ahead and use a 25k one forget the 11 K 1 till later but if you’re on the fence and you may spend both.

Or you’re only gonna spend the 11 K that’s alright your value overall is down and your value on getting a hero is down but it’s still a great chance of being a step up and that’s why I love it so much is because it gives us a chance to have even more value when we go for hero here in global and have our chances at.

One of the best magic tanks in the game so that’s pretty awesome so let’s talk about why he o is so strong and why is so powerful he’s a 5 star base going up to 7 star physical damage meta breaker attacker here let’s look at his TMR this is just ridiculous he owes close let’s go and click on you I just actually wanna go to the page attack 28 which is an extremely high at attack step when it comes to chest pieces so it’s gonna be good for your even your true dual.

Wield or your true double hand users is that’s what high attacks that defense 42 making you a little.

More tanky and giving you the ability blade master which means you’re gonna have 30% increased attack with great sword so.

Not only are you getting the attack 28 you’re also getting a 30% attached attack increase attached to that through great swords with most of.

Our finishers most of our true double hand users most.

Of our true duel abusers are going to be using great swords anyway so this is.

Phenomenal this TMR even if he o wasn’t great right this TMR would be something I would be telling you guys to pull for alone literally if he was ass at seven star and he was.

A bad five star base this TMR saves it alone so that’s something to get excited about on its own but looking at his TMR Ultima weapon attack 180 great sword it’s not two-handed great sword it’s a single.