Recently I created a video where I colored in this artwork using $0 pencils that I got for free from a cafe well that was fun and it was an interesting challenge but it got me thinking I wonder what that piece would look like if it was reproduced using 20 Swiss art pencils valued at $80 just like they do.

On BuzzFeed Kanaya lies and gentleman welcome to draw with jazz oh I’m jazzy and today I’m going to be directly comparing these crappy zero dollar pencils against these Swiss art pencils.

I bought from an art store in Paris France when I was over there on holiday.

With my family in the middle of last year these cheap ones were of course thrown to us with a colouring piece of paper for my son to have a play with while on the other hand I carefully chose these colored pencils while testing them against a whole bunch.

Of different brands and I picked the one that I really liked how they showed and how they felt to use it was a bit of an extravagant purchase I’ll admit but I was.

On holiday in Paris I had just been to the Louvre I was.

Excited and inspired and I had a little bit of spending money so this is what I ended up with as a result of trying a.

Whole bunch of different brands and I really loved how they felt and when I did this art challenge with these pencils I really wanted to know what it would look like if I did the exact same piece using the expensive ones but Before we jump to.

That I’m going to do a few different tests just so you can directly compare them pencil to pencil for my first direct comparison I use the black pencil to create a gradient from the outside edges of a circle to a faded inner area of the circle I try and make the outside edges of the.

Gradient as strong and bold as I possibly can and as you can see with the cheap pencil it struggles.

Actually down on the paper I have the opposite problem with the expensive pencil where the lead is so malleable and soft it goes on the paper without me really.

Putting much effort into it so I start off by very very lightly creating my gradient and then slowly coming back to add some darkness to the outer edges as you can see the contrast between the results in this comparison is pretty stark for my next little test I create another gradient from one.

Color going into a gradient from another so I start off with blue on the left side and gradient into an orange or golden yellow on the right the faded part of the gradients cross over.

In the middle and should blend to create a bit of a mix between the two colors touching in.
On a green spectrum but mostly fading in then transitioning.

Between the two tones it’s a pretty seamless transition with the cheap.

Pencils but again it’s difficult to get them to blend in the middle with the expensive pencils once again we get some really strong bold colors in the blending in the middle is much nicer you can see you can actually get the color to go down and on top of other color that you’ve already drawn which is one of the most important aspects of.

The blending of the pencils next I did a little bit of a saturation test where inside a small circle I draw with a red cheap pencil first pressing as firmly and creating as flat and solid a color as possible once.