Rotary peeler this rotary peeler has a superb functionality some innovative solutions and an outstanding dynamic design this device is practical and totally safe to use it has three blades made from high-class non corrosive steel which can easily and quickly peel any fruit or vegetable it also has a special accessory to delete potato eyes in a second a special.

Blade allows you to create your own masterpieces and decorate your dishes you can buy this gadget for only $18 healthy bar press this mold was created especially to prepare baking homemade bars you just.

Have to pour in the mold some cereal and nuts add some honey and then close the lid using a pair of special straps this way in a couple of minutes you’ll have a healthy bar just like the ones you buy in the supermarket the device is made of excellent heat-resistant silicon and you can clean it in the dishwasher buy it for only.
$28 meat Maximizer this modern and effective device.

Can replace the old kitchen hammer used to pound meat the meat Maximizer allows you to improve any.

Meat cut before cooking it the main difference between this gadgets and a kitchen hammer is that the meat Maximizer uses several thin steel blades to cut through the meats connective tissues cutting the tendons and ligaments without spoiling the structure of the product or turning it into minced meat meanwhile the meat juices stay in the.

Product making it more flavorful and tender and not making a mess in your kitchen the price of this gadget is $30 egg cooker with this egg cooker you can easily cook several eggs at the same time on top of that it’s pretty easy to use you just have to fill a special measurement cup with water and pour it in the egg cooker depending on the quantity of water the eggs will get more or.
Less cooked so you can make both soft and hard boiled eggs the product also.

Comes with different molds to.

Prepare omelets and you can clean almost all the elements of the egg cooker in the dishwasher buy it for $32 batter mixer this is a universal device to prepare liquid pastry on top of that you can use it to store the product itself the silicon mouth is heat proof and.

Nothing will happen to it even if you touch it with a really hot frying pan the lids can release any pressure inside the mixer and nothing will spill out once you open the mixer the little ball shaped whisk inside the device can easily mix all the ingredients he wants by this mixer for only $15 vegetable peeler this is an ideal device.

To peel vegetables use it to prepare everything you want according to the dish you want to make you can choose the proper blade.

Selecting the right number the blades are protected by a plastic lid that allows you to.

Store this instrument without worrying that the blades will get blunted by this device for $20 smart grinder this is a highly efficient portative and smart coffee grinder which controls the quality of the coffee bean and can even order more when it’s almost over the device has a smart platform to measure the.

Freshness of the coffee beans using a special algorithm that takes into account the roasting dates and.

The purchasing days as well as the gas level the temperature the humidity the volume and the mass of the coffee the device connects to your smartphone and lets you know if the coffee’s going bad the user can also choose to be informed when.
He has to buy more coffee will allow the machine to.

Buy more automatically the device’s battery can work without being recharged for three weeks an airtight lid limits the effect of oxygen in the product and a special valve reduces the gas level inside it the price of this device is a hundred and seventy nine dollars assume this is the perfect device to cook rice this is a very practical ceramic pot there are no plastic or electronic devices which can get damaged during the cooking process therefore assume will.

Be with you for much longer than any other similar device and don’t worry about the quality of the final product the rice will not burn because the thick bottom won’t allow it you can order this.

Ceramic pot for $87 arctic cold this is a device to prepare cold coffee which allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink without feeling any bitter taste whatsoever cold coffee is ideal for people with sensitive stomachs given that it has 67% less acid than a hot coffee to prepare an.
Arctic coffee you’re gonna need some cold water and a little bit of time.

Hours you need 3 times more water than normal coffee pour the water in the.

Coffee and wait for it to brew and filter the results will be a concentrate which you can dilute in water milk or cream after preparing the drink you can leave it in the fridge for several days you can buy this coffee machine for.

$60 cinder grille this device is the first contactless grill which can autonomously define the degree of doneness of a stake and notify the user when the food is ready using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections you can control the device using a smartphone through an app specially developed by the creators of the cinder grill the app has receipts with illustrations and chef recommendations the grill has two detachable plates which you can clean in the dishwashing machine the non-stick.

Coating can withstand a temperature of 266 degrees Fahrenheit the.8 kilowatts it also has a built-in sensor to control the temperature of different parts of the surface to cook at the same time mushrooms meats vegetables and bread the grill.