Pro-x this electronic water filter will allow you to enjoy clean and harmless water anywhere on earth to start the cleaning process all you need to do is press one button the device performs the rest of the process autonomously thanks to a thin tube the filter collects the water and lets it pass through in one minutes the device can.

Clean up to 500 millilitres of water the filter weighs about 17 pounds but is quite small 6.

Inches thanks to these measurements it fits easily into any backpack or bag becoming an essential assistant when it comes to surviving in difficult situations the device is made of durable toxin-free plastic it’s challenged with electrical current and can.
40 hours straight in addition the developers have thoughts about.

Unforeseen situations so the gadget has a special compartment for double-a batteries which can be used so use the device at any time with a pair of batteries the device can run.

For up to 10 hours by this indispensable device for a hundred and fifty dollars Iike Pele this portable kitchen is ideal for barbecue and is also a great assistant in survival situations using this small device you can prepare food and keep it warm it’s very easy to use and its weight isn’t.

Significant to light the fire in this oven developers recommend using special pallets that retain the heat for up to 45 minutes after burning this makes it.
Ideal for preparing food but also as.

A guarantee a source of warmth for the users the stove weighs 12 pounds or 5 point 5 kilograms it’s made of an alloy.
Of cast iron and steel and comes in three colors for easy transport the.

Product as a convenient handle this survival device will cost you about a hundred and twenty dollars go bout this portable bottle has been specially created.

To carry the most essential personal cleaning products saving space in your backpack and potentially saving the world from environmental pollution thanks to five airtight containers that can be filled with different products the user will not have to carry huge bottles during their travels the device comes in two sizes which differ in the number of capsules and their capacity the large version has five dispenser bottles of less than a hundred milliliters each the.

Small version is four containers of the same volume the bottles are placed in a plastic container and can rotate inside depending on the product you want to use you can purchase this device for thirty or forty six dollars depending on the size.

Raaah the creators of this gadget call it the world’s first portable and flexible lighting system the device has five LED lights located in a polymer strip that can be installed on any surface be it.

Clothing a tent a bike frame or elsewhere this system promises to increase the level of illumination in the space.

Around the user as well as the level of visibility.

For other people it is a great help oh and camping or surviving in difficult situations the advantages of the device include waterproofing and brightness together the LEDs generates up to 800 lumens and the user can choose one of three lighting modes unlike similar products which run on double-a or triple a batteries this LED band is charged with the.