We are continuing on on this header portion on the side here that’s what I overlooked and completely went to the front page hero here so before I do though I noticed in our designers a curved corner on this CTA so I’m going to grab that real quick and fix it let’s see border top left radius I think it.

Was five pixels ish maybe anymore okay so circle back something like that and looking at the design this thing in the background it’s still a little not up to spec there’s certain these tonality.

To this gray is a little bit different so I might tweak that as time goes on but I’m.
Going to worry about that later let’s get to.

This header portion and find it first close everything so the menu actually okay so based on our design it’s pretty far from the top we’ve got a good amount of space that we don’t currently have in fact the whole thing I’ll probably increase padding but then the actual menu itself needs to.

Come down if you like rim by wondering like okay why are using rims and I have my reasons but I’ve kind of tried to tell myself to drift away from pixels just because they’re like finite was.

The word parameters kind of thing and in this day and age everything’s scaling and moving around on the.
Web page so I guess responsive web design in general so Rams are good at.

Scaling and kind of maintaining our percent once scaled you could use person here you can use mg.
Which are good as well the pixels or percent.

I prefer rims just because that’s just what I’ve told myself to.

Use in the home using it so I mean don’t think you have to use them in terms of typography I think they’re good because of the scalability.

Again so on our design these links are actually this darker gray I don’t think it’s our secondary color it could be wrong it is okay so let’s do that just grab the links themselves color brand secondary all right and then the last one we’re going to need a.

Class on it that is something unique let’s see how we can do that and wondering because I think it’s dynamic so this could.

Be an issue snippets header oops not this one we want menu all right so at the moment we don’t have like a uni class on any of these they.

Just have menu item which is I mean useful but we need to have something a bit more to show what it is and I think what we can do here is honestly duplicate this line as a class see if that helps only problem is we want it to be lowercase and like URL friendly so I’m going to.

See if there’s like a parameter we can pass let’s go to Kirby can you started teach each pages menu we have anything for a menu what’s it using item pages okay pages page index page children pend get we see helpers.

Maybe this will work call CRF like isn’t it like a nice name kind of thing I’m looking for break call just look at that or if we can do like T to lowercase kind of deal I want to just do this I mean how do you do that in PHP PHP to lowercase string straight to lower I think great to pass the whole thing is it – yeah so they got that I want the – or or wait I bet there’s a slug.

Feed slug sea slug oh there it is okay screw that idea go to item title and then actually I don’t slug awesome okay so now I can actually target that because this is being.