Looped through and I can’t exactly add a class on that specific.
On the higher me one we’re going to.

We’re going to use this as like our test my test but our initial button makes it so I’m going to start with this.

To get going it’ll be background brand primary and color the white display:inline-block and we can give it either height or padding or line height I think I’ll do hi eat just because it’s a little easier to.

Control in my opinion so what do we got on our design here about 40 pixels high and for Heights and widths I still use pixels because they’re you know exact so.

If you’re wondering well talking before about REMS that’s why so the issue now is getting this to be like in line that’s for everything up I wonder if padding’s a better option here oh it is not okay so let’s just do that and then this is going to have to be positioned differently then you’re like one room little more than that so.

There we do need padding on the sides oops click re got it we go.

And I’m not sure why the color isn’t white suppose because it’s cascading I do this no oh I know why so a actually need to do this okay there’s a very subtle shadow underneath it’s a bit whiter think we’re going.

A little too heavy on the padding maybe little darker so something like that right bring this down like at the New York’s okay so we do need.

A hover state here and in fact I’ll put focus – and I’m buttons I’ve been doing this thing where I transform it like just one.

Pixel so it moves up a little bit just to kind of give that you know looking at an active thing happening so it would be translate X or no why and then I just do like negative one pixel if I can type be sure to have some transition on this though otherwise it’s kind of clunky so I include strings ish hmm let’s say I need to do the background color too so I’m going to go all in point two seconds and ease in.

Out and then background will be lightened like 5% then you get this effect and does that thing I like it do you want to add I think I do want.

To add a little border-radius just a tiny bit it’s like a few pixels Mimi let’s say three there you go gives it a little more impression then it’s a button.

Like I would say okay and we will have to deal with this different video but we’ll take care of that that’s I’m thinking that’s gonna I think you know go.

Ahead and then we’ll have a mobile menu and we’ll expanding and tracked it basically okay so I think that wraps up the header menu I think I’ll stop the video there we’ll go into the next part on the design which is this one here and possibly start on this next.