Subscribe to channel please comment below and don’t forget to share this video number tip su brillo is the next generation of GoPro accessories it is the most versatile smart accessory ever made and includes cinematography spinous functions along with stabilization Sevilla’s wide range of functions gives you the best experience of action video making this is the accessory you need.

For recording insane tricks trips and family events the sensors and high precision motors stabilize the camera no more shaky unenjoyable videos.

Just the passion of doing sports and recording videos control the Cirillo with our smart phone application choose the camera angle that best fits your needs or switch between camera modes put your phone into any BR headset and control the camera with your head record what you.

See and share it you can plan the camera movements before action without any coding skills ever wonder how pros create those breathtaking time-lapse videos they give motion to the still a passionate team of engineers marketers and designers worked on the future of action video making we believe professional video making has to be a part of every extreme sportsmen life number nine.
With gecko gum you can stick your camera to every.

Imaginable surface in just a second realize new perspectives and capture breathtaking moments with ease there is no other camera mount that opens up.

So many new creative possibilities gecko gummies long-lasting as a pleasant feel and does not stick to your fingers it retains it with properties for years with deco gum you’ll always find a place where teaches about homeownership set free your creativity.

Was a smart accessory that is always by your side.

No more selfie sticks barking mounts and heavy tripod equikrom has the attesa power travel to device cute on the fly on every surface from every angle at any time number eight do you want extremely stable GoPro footage no matter where your go pros Mountain meet the remove us1.

The world’s most versatile gimbal for gopro cameras the remove us.

One is designed to be as versatile as your GoPro camera allowing you to mount your s1 wherever you can mount a GoPro remove.

Us one comes with a Bluetooth remote control joystick that allows you to control the cameras position use the remote control joystick while is mounted.

In s1 hand grip or from a distance wirelessly easily attach and remove your GoPro camera using our innovative one-click mounting system additionally then remove you s1 is the world’s first rain proof gimbal the motors in the body was specifically designed to be water resistant whether you’re in the rain or in the snow you can focus on getting a shot and not having to worry about your camera quick number 7 these have transformed the way.

That we record video I’m gonna show you how to take it to the next level introducing Bitzer my left kick changes the way you record literally the same camera you use every day will now be recording in 3d mr.

ma is made to be durable and lightweight so you can take it.

With you anywhere just put the lens on and that’s it you’re good to go can you imagine recording discs and this and this all in immersive 3d we can because we did you might have seen someone with one of these 3d rigs but probably.

Not they’re bulky and super expensive on top of that we need extra software just.

Recreate the 3d video bitch mode is different he creates the same 3d effect with just one camera and it’s video is ready to be watched no software needed just upload and enjoy how well you see just because you drive.

They see things from slightly different perspectives and your brain can find them so you can.

See them don’t believe me well try getting a ball when I close bitch Allah does the same thing it uses mirrors to record to perspective the videos end up looking like.

This when you watch them in the viewer their 3d number-6 scene lapse is a rotating time-lapse device made for GoPro cameras it allows you to capture incredible.
Panoramic photos and video with ease simply twist the top of scene.

Lapse clockwise to set the duration of your.

Time-lapse scene lapse spins up to 360 degrees in 60 minutes scene lapse features a direct GoPro connection and includes a high-torque thumb screw allowing you to secure your GoPro tighter and stronger the top of scene lapse features a quarter 20 screw that is accessed by removing the GoPro connection while the bottom of scene lapse houses a quarter 20 connection use scene lapse in conjunction with other gopole mounts such.

As gopal base for stability on uneven surfaces or gopole reach to gain clearance from objects that are blocking your shot expand the way you use your GoPro with seen laps 360 degree time-lapse – bite number bud the report number three number two.

So here it is with it we hope you’ll be inspired to take more videos of your everyday adventures and share more of your life with your family and friends we’ve made it simple and intuitive for you to pan your camera mobile phone or action cam over a time set by you you can either film in real time or.

Film in time-lapse and speed up the footage later there is a standard camera thread on the top which rotates and.

A tripod thread and base so you can screw it down onto a tripod our show there are three buttons which allows you to simply navigate through the menu to get the footage you want there are two main modes to give movements your videos the first mode is turns mode using this mode you can set the number of rotations from 1 to infinity each turn can take anything.

From 20 seconds for real-time videos to 10 hours for ultra slow motion time-lapse videos if you have an interval meter you could set your camera to take a photo once every few seconds and stitch them together later to make a time-lapse movie the second mode is degrees mode where you can set the angle to rotate your camera through from.

15 degrees to 360 degrees again over a time set by you great feature of this mode is that you can either do one pan clockwise or anti-clockwise or you can continually pan backwards and forwards you won’t find all these features in any other device taxpro will work with.

Turns Pro supplied mobile phone holder you could use your mobile in video mode or with any time lapse app for Android or iPhone any action cam like a GoPro with a tripod mount to be used at any angle lightweight DSLR the small lens can be used on a horizontal axis.

Making it one of the most versatile products in the market number one the strap mount is a secure way to mount your GoPro to any backpack or scuba BCD constructed out of glass filled nylon and stainless steel the strap mount will withstand the harshest of conditions the strap mount securely attaches to any strap allowing you to quickly mount your GoPro for hands-free filming the quick-release system provides easy access to your GoPro don’t be constrained by a chest artists take the low profile strap mount on.

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