What is up guys this is a finished it over here and today I’m going to be showing you how to set the draw weight adjustment okay so the bow I have in front of me is the execute compound bow by I believe I got on Amazon right and you can see a video I have made previously where I.

Talk about the bow and what it includes and it’s by leader accessories on Amazon I’ll leave a.
Description down below right so you guys can see that right and.

Then yeah so this video I’m just going to show you how to set to draw Justin because I know in the beginning I did have slight trouble and said.

Did your judgment so to draw weight adjustment I should say so I’m just gonna make this video teaching guys how to do it okay so this DX gear and obviously I’ll work on other bows as well so here you can see there’s one screw up here let me just focus in right there’s one screw up here and there’s another screw on the bottom.

These big screws over here okay just move back alright so what you want to do is basically turn these right and each full rotation is around I believe five pounds okay so when you buy this book this is that 70 pounds which.

Is really difficult unless you’re a seasoned Archer and I guess you have a really strong arm otherwise it’ll be pretty difficult and I know mostly.

Everyone lessons that they don’t really use 70 pounds because that’s really a lot so basically what you want to do is put the key in here right and alright make sure it’s set properly and.

So I have it over here okay you want to turn it counterclockwise to loosen it so counterclockwise would be me pushing this up okay clockwise is me pushing this down okay so basically I would just push this up and it’s really difficult to do.

Okay so especially if this is the first time you’re doing it it’s going to be really hard right and one trick that I used.

To do it is hold on let me just focus in okay my camera’s not focusing in but basically I’ll show you.

You just basically so after spinning counterclockwise which would mean this way I would do it this way right a little up is better right and I would set the boat to the floor and basically pull all my weight on this okay so the first time you do it it is slightly difficult to do it’s pretty hard to do right so you want to add a lot of weight to it and the easiest way to do it is put it a little slanted right whichever way you want to turn it so I know I’m.

Going to turn it this way right so it’s slanted towards that way you just lied on the floor and just put your palm on it and push okay you can obviously cover your palm with something a cloth or something because it will.

Slightly hurt for a little while after that okay so and as you loosen it it gets easier to turn and then you’ll be able to eventually turn it with your hands normally okay so basically you do this so the easiest way to do it is do one side do turn one full rotation come back to here and then switch to the other side and do the same thing okay that’s the easiest way to do it okay and then try it out if it’s still too.

Much do it again so I had to do it around three times right so that’s around like 15 pounds right so 70 minus 15 it’s it’s around 55 pounds okay so this is what I work.

With right now 55 pounds and it’s really simple you just basically turn both of these that seemed one-by-one and the thing is so these are not supposed to be backed by four.

By four full turns the top and bottom okay so you should always keep it they should always be the same so if you turn this one once you have to turn the other one.

Once okay otherwise the bowl would not be equal and it could you mess up and damage the bowl or more importantly hurt you okay so it should never be out of sync that’s basically it and yeah that’s.
Basically all you need to know on how to adjust to draw wait.

I just draw wait okay if you have any questions please let me know if you have any comments leave them down below and I will see you guys next time.