Rhodes is giving us some new information here some new speculation you can win skirts from the wheel but sup hey guys it’s Megan welcome back to my channel today we are doing something pretty exciting if I do say so myself we are looking at the brand-new items from the magical rainbow wheel now the rainbow Will’s been out for.

Days at this point I am pre recording this video so it might not totally be up to date but I have been able to gather some footage of the new items.

In the wheel I myself was able to score two items which I will be showing off today as well as bringing my friends and you guys from the.

PG squad onto my server so that we could check it all out together let’s get into it look roses appeared with a crazy lightsaber Wow hi rose okay so we have the peachy squad here and I would really love to see what some of you guys have in store for us so look at this thing that Rose has.
Here this is like one of the lightsabers what is that what.

Is let’s ask her what’s this called Oh.

Guys look Sarah here has the flower crown on she’s modeling it for us and she got this mask Oh oh my gosh you guys look at these items it’s called the neon saber is what she got that is so cool so we have a neon saber here a flower crown and the toxic mask I got the Sun icon and I got.

The flower crown thank you okay that’s so awesome oh and Rose is also modeling the flower cart I’m getting really jealous over here now let me show you guys I got myself so what I got actually for the accessories is I got we got a scroll down past all this I got this really cool mermaid stuff would you guys.

May have seen in my Halloween tutorial video or my Halloween get.

Ready with me video or what did I call it I think I called it my Halloween routine we got this really awesome mermaid staff I spun and I got um it looked like a sword.

On the wheel okay so we’re all heading over to the wheel now I wonder if anybody can get anything does anybody have any spins I wonder let’s see so I got this but this is not the only thing I got.

Guys I also got a rainbow trail look watch watch watch ready for it wow look at all the bright colors you wanna flip hat can I see your hat oh she got a hat oh okay okay so she got a flip-out does it what is that a head that’s a dark halo I’m confused oh wait this girl.

Over here got the flip hat is she wearing it um no she’s just wearing everything else in the book oh my gosh look guys we all want diamonds look at us in our really cute outfit does anybody else have any spins left the trail is amazing I love it so let’s take a look at the wheel here we have a mermaid which is where I assumed that those big mermaid.

Ears came from I’m gonna insert a clip right now luckily Anna and Anna was nice enough to show me her magical mermaid ears they were really cool look at these and she also got the start earrings I’m not sure when she landed on to get.
The dreamy earrings umm I asked but she.

Wasn’t able to tell me but those are some of the really cool items from the wheel so far we’re gonna see if we can hunt down a few more.

Today though she got the diamond ring oh my gosh Wow okay so Sarah here has the diamond ring this is from the call me Bob toy this is what we were trying to achieve and one of my last videos which we were not able to get.

Unfortunately but that’s okay because we’re still trying um yeah I also it she also has the necklace which is from the toy so if.

You guys are interested in finding out how to get the ring in the necklace I have a link for that in the description down below so this is so exciting also I was able to run into somebody briefly you got the Beverly Hills sunglasses I’m pretty sure that’s the name of them here’s the clip they were in pink they look so cute on her head I think if I want anything from all of this that is what I would want the most I just think.

Cool option did anybody else win anything from the wheel why am i flying you when the flower bloom and crown can we see I want I want to see what you guys have won you won the dark blue mermaid okay so what did you get here it is okay let me take off my let me take off my um rainbow trail so that you guys can see this I use my rainbow trails still on I am getting stressed out I’m.

Trying to see okay here Innes so look at this guy’s we have Bella here with the mermaid bra you guys can.

Kind of see it it’s matching.

With our outfit so it’s a little tough to see and then I guess we have Amelia here with her flower crown as well so pretty and then what is this is this a flower that she want oh my gosh that’s a lot Emily that’s so cool oh and look.

Guys we have another staff over here Rosaline so cute this is really cool guys I’m really digging this.

Information oh and this girl also has the seashell top Norah that’s adorable it’s a little revealing Oh what is this is it the flip hat Lela is wearing the flip hat guys this video is just like everybody.

Wearing they’re really awesome accessories what did you spin on the wheel for the Hat I would like to know what you spun for that it gave me a weird dragon thingy then I got it so Laila got her hat from the dragon icon look at this it’s like a.

Backwards hat that’s so cool I think that’s like so awesome there are quite a lot of swords yes so I actually spun the sword to get this.

Mermaid stop as well as this light saber type of neon powered sword was also underneath the sword this is gonna be.

So great also if you guys are wondering on my person I’m.

Wearing this little I voted number one box II awards because I.

Bolted for Royal High to win a lot of rewards you guys can get it by like running up to the spawn and they have them there for free so that’s not really part of the magic wheel are the new blank new are the blank new skirts.

That are mentioned in the blank on the wheel I don’t believe so so Rosa’s saying that there might be skirts on the wheel or maybe she’s asking if there’s if there’s a skirts on the wheel I’m not sure that’d be really cool if there was but I guess we’ll have to see you don’t she doesn’t.

Won them so guys there are skirts I’m assuming you can win from the wheel they must be a pretty rare Rose is giving us some new information here some new speculation you can win skirts.

From the wheel that’s amazing that’s so cool um Sarah really wants the unicorn horn oh my gosh everybody has flower crowns I would like I would I’d like a unicorn horn – okay so I think that this might be all the information that we’re gonna get today from these gals who.

Have all been so extremely helpful and I appreciate them all so very much oh as moon spinning the.

Wheel can I see your stars up – this girl just won the star scepter I saw her win it oh look at this you guys I wish that she was standing normally so we could.

Look at it a little bit better oh my gosh wow that’s so cool moon what did you spin on the wheel was it the sword let’s see okay so there we go we can get a really good.

Thank you so much look at that Oh moon you did so great I’m.

So excited for you yes okay so moon has indeed why is my game flagging moon has indeed spun the sword to get this amazing staff Wow you guys that is so amazing I’m gonna insert some other screenshots of some stuff or I’m gonna look for some other screenshots I think I’m gonna go do that but that’s all like I can really find a royal hi I think it’s time to take to the.

Internet to see what other people won on the wheel okay guys so we are.

Currently on night and Barbies Twitter the creator of royal high and let’s see this I just got the ears now the wheel worked so this girl.

Retweeted by Barbie one a what is this this is like a this is like.

A Trident which I’m assuming is underneath the the swords you know I can only assume and look at those pointy ears we get another look at the pointy ears that’s amazing look at these guys okay.

So here’s another shot of the sunglasses now I’m not sure – sunglasses on top of the head are what you win or if it’s these I guess we’ll kind of get a better look but look at those oh my gosh this girl this is decked out in accessories that’s amazing okay confirmed the Beverly Hills sunglasses are what you win from the wheel the ones that are on the.

Face maybe they’re a different type of sunglasses but Indy here has also won them and they’re her favorite item in the game I think they’d be my favorite too spooky jade.

Has also one of sunglasses I need some clarification here I’m assuming you win.

Them from the wheel as they’re in every single outfit.

Of hers okay and then here is a picture from night Barbie herself look at these puppies sleeps look at these ribbons in her hair.

And the unicorn horn I think that’s really sought-after.

Oh my gosh and then you get a.

Better picture of the ribbons in their hair right here and then there’s also these earrings it looks like there’s literally so many.

Accessories that you can win from the wheel I’m just so.

Grateful that I had some of you guys amazingly enough to jump on royal high with me and show me.

What you guys have won that really is just so amazing of you but guys that’s all I have for this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to the like when subscribe button.

Leave a comment down below and I’ll talk to you guys next time bye before you guys go I wanted to thank every single new member of the PG squad yesterday we gained over 1,000 new members.