Hi guys this is stock dust trader kada at UK also known in real life as Lee Hargreaves and my name on the eToro platform is Greaves in 1984 so this my week review for the 8th to the 12th October 2018 we will go through my e-portfolio positions update as they currently stand the treads that were closed this week.

Due to the market correction treads I’ve opened what I’m looking at going forwards and my web some website and forum updates so this is how the portfolio currently stands I pull at 17% Amazon 11 Microsoft 10 Netflix 9 Google 5 gone into the red.

This week like Facebook and MasterCard not heavily into the red so nothing to worry about at this moment in time due to the downturn in the markets to sell off which has been an average sell offs or it’s the second time has happened this year it’s been at the same speed same rich and actually it’s the average rate as it has done during this ten-year bull market so if.

Back through all the previous downturns that have been on average around about eight and.

A half percent this downturn is curlier around about seven point nine percent ace deepest on Friday morning and it’s taken six days when the average is about seven or eight so this is an average market correction there’s nothing to be panicking about at all at this many time but as a result I have closed some trades that I would trailer my stop so if I just go back to my previous trade.

So my portfolio these are all long-term positions hence why they’re still or them so there are long-term.

Investments unless something major happens with any of these stocks then I will be stained these for quite a long time these traits here these are mainly large.

Cap stocks so square Cisco Gord Addison teen etc and with laws you have to be very careful these are all what we would call a mega cap stock and these are all large cap stocks and because these are effectively small companies their stock price swings and moves more violently than the mega cap stocks so these will move on average between eight and twelve percent per month these can move up to 25 30 percent a month.

If they are really going for it so that’s why I always have a smaller position in these large cap stocks than I do in.

My mega cap stocks so even if I’m taking a – on these it’s actually half the – well at least half the – I would take on.
My mega cap stocks so it’s all about portfolio management it’s.

All about risk management and although there’s lots of red here I didn’t lose that much actually so square – to take a profit from.

That was one of the biggest losses in the stock market this week but due to trailing the stop I was still nice to take four point 17 percent on that UK 100 was a very quick trade on Friday evening 9 percent on that Cisco didn’t quite master breakeven on that Gord Abby that frustrates me because I’ve actually been looking to cut that for a while.

So that was really annoying sentian again massively up this year hence why we didn’t lose much on that Domino’s another one that was frustrating me because I’d actually been looking at cutting that trade and putting the money towards something else.

So again another loss where fair large cap.