Hey what’s up guys mkbhd here back with the fourth and final episode in the fastest Mac Mini in the World Series so if you like this little project idea if you want to see more things like it give this video a thumbs up and I’ll definitely try to get out more similar stuff for you if you missed the.

First three episodes BAM they’re up there on the corner they open in a new tab so you can hover over them on your desktop and those annotations will take you to the.

First three episodes so you can see what’s been.

Done to this Mac Mini but I’m not going to hold you up let’s get right on into this so if you watch the first three parts of this project you probably already know the specs of this machine it’s Apple’s highest end 2.
7 gigahertz Intel Core i7 2011 Mac Mini with.

A user modified 16 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM and a 240 gigabyte ocz vertex 3 max eye ops Edition SSD inside is the same mobile motherboard found in the high-end MacBook Pros.

And in AMD Radeon HD 60 630 M graphics card and on top of all this it runs Mac OS 10 10.
7 lion for the setup we’re going with an apple.

Wireless keyboard and trackpad I know on the cyborg rat 7.

Mouse and the fiyo 9 audio amplifier on the right and a single dell ultrasharp 24:07 WFP 24-inch monitor you could go with 2 of these monitors no problem you can use the HDMI to DVI adapter and the Thunderbolt 2 DVI adapter for a.
Third monitor for an absolute bow setup.

Like this you’ll need a USB to DVI adapter like this one to drive the third monitor or each additional display if you want to go 4 5 6 but we like simplicity so let’s do some serious work with this one display so.

Now it’s benchmarking time I pulled on Twitter asking you guys to reply at mkbhd what I should use to test this little machine and nova bench was a very popular answer it’s.

A free app that tests a very well-rounded bunch of aspects of your machine and.

Comes out with a final score a final tally for your Mac and at the link in the description you can see that the fastest stock Mac Mini from Apple will average roughly 383 points this Mac Mini got an unusually.

High 834 points which puts it on the list right beneath the 2008 Mac Pro and the 20:11 iMac but of course there are more some of your tweets also suggested.

At mkbhd I should choose Cinebench.

Which tests graphics and CPU performance for the graphics test here which was pretty entertaining to watch actually it goes through this little open GL demo sequence here with all sorts of lighting and shadows.

And physics effects and reflections and things like that and for the CPU rendering test.

There was a good approximation as it renders out these squares here of how well it would work with heavy apps heavy hitters like Photoshop and After Effects where lots of rendering is required it didn’t perform great on the CPU test but of course I am editing this video on the Mac Mini so if you see this video on YouTube then I got through it that means it’s cessful II rendered the video and it did pretty well also actually really well on the OpenGL test.9 2 gigahertz intel xenon processor which i can assume is another Mac Pro but the real showstopper here the real difference maker in the performance.

Is the OCZ vertex 3 SSD this thing flies through Mac OS 10 it has insane read speeds I cannot recommend switching to.

An SSD enough if you’re still on a traditional hard drive try this out it’s really insane and makes the biggest difference in terms of the user experience and the time it took me to say that you just watch the Mac Mini completely shutdown and restart yeah alright so there’s this pretty popular.

Test out there I don’t know if you’ve heard of it it’s called the SSD stress test SSD owners like to show off by opening up as many apps as possible at the same time.

I don’t have a ton of apps installed but there’s no chance in hell.

Your hard drive can do that seriously solid-state is the future so how fast is this SSD exactly well let’s run the speed test app to.

Find out it does a few file transfers and the write speeds look like they’re come in at.

Around 250 megabytes per second and then it tests the read speeds yeah holy puns that is fast that’s like a sprinting person fast like cheetah fast that’s like peregrine falcon fast this isn’t a review of the Mac Mini necessaire early but I can tell you that the 16 gigs of RAM really.

Comes in handy for when I’m video editing like right now and so the spec lineup is it really turns down to it’s basically a glorified MacBook Pro.

And you know does it perform out of this world for this desktop total price absolutely check it out Mac.

Mini 999 240 gig ocz SSD 480 bucks 16 gigs of ram for other world computing 250 bucks surgery supplies for getting all of stuff in there 30 bucks total price 1700 $59 having the fastest Mac Mini in the world on the planet for barely more than the slowest 27-inch iMac priceless now look I’ve never.

Really been a full time Mac os10 person but I’m giving OS 10 a shot right now to see if I can get used to it as my daily driver as I wait for Apple to refresh the Mac Pros hopefully as soon as possible with Ivy Bridge and I’m honestly going to say that it won’t be so hard to get used.

To this right now it’s going pretty well my favorite feature of OS 10 lion so far right now is Mission Control I just find myself using it a lot more and as a person who’s used to multiple monitors it’s a really great feature I.

Definitely recommend picking up a trackpad to take advantage of this because the Mighty Mouse Magic Mouse they suck and I don’t use any of the other guest errs for like launch pad or anything just for Mission.

Control I think launch pad is just silly and I know Mac.

People are begging to know what’s in your dock well again I’m new to OS 10 so nothing fancy just yet nothing freaky going on here well yeah.

Guys there you have it is officially official this is the new mkbhd desktop but don’t freak out PC people don’t lose it Windows isn’t going anywhere these guys you.