Hello my name is Cornell and I’m visually going to present my observations and research of the company Apple I’m going to discuss a brief background of the organization its management style and employee motivation you’re probably wondering why why did I choose Apple well for me this decision was simple I chose Apple because the company is driven from motivation.

Like most small businesses it started from nothing and was going to take dedication and motivation as it.

Developed from an idea becoming into the most popular tech company so to simplify this question I think since apples products are perceived to.

Be the best it acquires employees who are passionate they’re passionate about the company and what it provides to the public background the company was set up in the basement of Steve Jobs house which served as the original headquarters of the company their future accomplishments demanded money there came investments from Mike Markkula Markkula was impressed with the success of the company in invent an invested an outrageous amount.

Of money markula believes Steve Jobs was a great visionary who worked hard and highly motivated the people around him at first the growth of the company was slow but jobs focused.

On making the company bigger and stronger Apple is able to motivate their employees and not only do their job.

Effective but efficiently they also make sure that employees enjoy doing it to achieve this a polices both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards intrinsic motivation uses internal rewards to motivate the employees the employees will be motivated to do a test because they find pleasure and enjoyment from it they have a feeling of gratification and fulfilment in achieving.

The task Apple makes sure that their employees are proud and in love with the brand so employees will feelings in developing Apple to be the best product Apple makes sure the employees are given jobs that are not easy instead thinking about changing once the employees are pushed to their maximum potential so that they can improve and have better performance.

The employees will feel respected because they are believed that they have potential to achieve the.

Challenging tasks and thus strive for good performance results when Apple hires excellent people they will they will give them a part of the.

Business and make them run it by themselves and this allows them to make good decisions if they fail well they.

Can learn from their mistakes and plan better decisions to achieve this Apple make sure that the employees understand and know everything about the business for example every Monday Apple review how much they sold each week they review all their products under development products and they have and if they.

Have any difficulties with anything this.

Former communication helped them it helps in their demand for their production rate to do this to make sure their employees know how their business is doing and how they can approve they also do this to make sure that all employees are on the same page the employees feel respected they won’t feel left out or behind by using extrinsic motivation this uses external external rewards such as money.