Oh hello sir hello everyone my name is Nucky my name is a Melina and I’m Diana today we are going to talk about management structure and related to Apple incorporated we are going to start with irrelevant information about management structure of pyramid which we learned in the first chapter of inflow to Catrin afterwards we will briefly introduce Apple.

Incorporated and then discuss the levels of management from the bottom all the.

Way to the top with examples related to the company we will then finish with the conclusion let’s begin by talking about the management.

Structure pyramid this pyramid exists to show the information flow and the functions of each management level all right do you see the arrows labeled with information flow vertical.

Information flow refers to the flow of information to and from strategic management through tactical management and operation and transaction management horizontal information flows refers to the flow.

Of information between departments on the same level such as sales department and accounting department now I’m sure that all of you are familiar with Apple your iPhones iPads.

Apple watch make books their products are famous worldwide almost everybody uses their products nowadays just a brief history Apple was founded by the late Steve Jobs Steve was net and Rhona win in 1976 initially they only wanted to develop and sell personal computers after years they succeeded in making remarkable products and they aim to continue to do so now let’s move on to the operation and transaction level at the operation and transaction level the information that is spread among workers.

Consists of basic data when we talk about operation and transaction the involves planning organizing and controlling the resources needed to produce goods and services it includes managing people like customers and workers equipment technology and even as far as the streamlining of supply chain one of the relevant Department that would I would like to discuss here in particular is the supply chain management Apple has a very.

Sophisticated supply chain management over the past four years Apple has been ranked the best supply.

Chain in the world leading the line well ahead of its competitors like Dell Samsung and Blackberry it is perhaps common for businesses to have their.

Products manufactured in Asian countries but definitely China as the labor costs are lower however what makes Apple unique is the fact that instead of increasing the number of suppliers they actually.

Slashed the numbers Tim Cook the.

Current CEO of Apple incorporated cut down the.

Main component suppliers directly from 100 to 24 to force the suppliers to compete for the.

Rights to manufacture Apple products this has ensured that the products are and consistently manufactured at a top-notch quality next I’m going to talk about the middle level of the pyramid which is technical management in comparison to the operation.

Then transaction processing level the decisions made at this level are less structured and.

Less defined the information is more summarized – for example at the tactical management level the information is not merely numbers the information could be a.