Apple’s Mac Mini we often forgotten middle child of apples computer lineup and what was one tale that the entryway into the heart of Apple culture has now taken a backseat to a new environment of Apple product releases as we embark further into the year I find myself asking does the Mac Mini have a place in 2017 find out.

Here on East Coast tech what’s going on guys as you hear and I’d like to welcome you to the first episode of East Coast tech season 3 all.

Right now time for a little history on the Mac Mini they were first introduced in January of 2005 at the time exported a 1.2 5 gigahertz CPU from our PC and up to 512 megabytes of RAM and oh yeah when he gave hard drive well yeah I mean it was 2005 the following year Apple partnered with Intel and released a course solo variant of the Mac Mini and they’ve pretty.

Much stuck with it until ever since at least for their processors of choice now on to 2012 the Mac Mini was paired with.

Like flat-out dual cores at best until the late 2012 edition which brought processors with hyper-threading at this point Ethel had affordable and powerful computers at the entry-level price point and the fee into Apple culture was significantly discounted now as you.

Can tell guess what I bought in 2013 was in late 2012 Mac Mini that’s right I bought.

Myself a Mac Mini spec that with an i7 quad core chips with hyper-threading so four cores eight threads now at the.

Time I wasn’t really well versed in computer hardware as I am today and I’m opting into the whole I.

You know yadda yadda yadda but in the end it ended up being a really great purchase and Alvis own and computing power for the last four years so let me break down the specs this model sports an Ivy Bridge quad-core i7 processor clocked at 2.
3 gigahertz with eight gigabytes of ddr3 memory at 1600 megahertz and a.

Terabyte hard drive one fact about this model it actually has room for a second two and a.

Half inch drive all third party stuff of course but it can be done and because I love.

K SSD in there it’s the boot drive as for the latest model of Mac minis which was.

Released in late 2014 it comes with a haslam core i7 dual core with hyper-threading 16 gigs of ram and they’re soldered to the board and can’t be upgraded later and there’s no more.

Room for two drives okay so apparently mistakes were made but you can still get to 2012 version on ebay and stuff so how does my Mac Mini compare to my current KB.

Lake build with the 7700 K well it’s no wonder that the 7700 cater ounces the Mac minis 3615 QM processor add just about everything in sunna bench our 7700 K scores a 990 and the multi-core benchmark vs. me 550 score netted by the Mac Mini the 3d mark 0 6 CPU tests show us lately less skewed.

Results with a 7700 K coming in at 77 as opposed to the 57 score from the Mac Mini lastly my past mark results cost my 7700 K at 11,000 vs.

the Mac Mini at 73 50 so on average the Mac Mini is about.

30% less powerful than a desktop but the 3615 QM is technically a mobile platform chip so let’s see how it compares to a modern KB like mobile chip so after some research I compared benchmark scores from a 7700 HQ the current highest SKU.