(calming music) – Hey, this is Dan from the Verge.

I’m here in New York City where Microsoft just wrapped its fallproduct showcase press event.

They launched a bunch of new stuff here.

And two of the things that were announced are right here in front of me.

You got the new SurfacePro 6 and a Surface Laptop.

Basically, this is thesame Surface.

Pro design that we’ve seen since 2015 now.

Have a new finish, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

Surface Laptop, which is basically the exact same hardware and design as before. But they are improved in anumber of different ways. Inside these you now have quad-core eighth generation processors. The Surface Pro 6 has longer battery life. Microsoft’s claiming up to 13 1/2 hours. And on the Surface Laptop,Microsoft is claiming even longer battery lifeand a lot more power than on a prior generation models. Visually what you’ll see here is that these are now availablein a new black finish.

This is the Surface Pro 6, isavailable in. It kinda has a differenttexture than the silver one. You can see it’s not collectingmy fingerprints at all, which is something that blackcomputers do really easily. This is really clean, it’sactually really well down. Same thing on the Surface Laptop. You’ve got a matte black finish. Now you can tell thedifference between these. The Surface Laptop is made of aluminum. The Surface Pro 6 is magnesium. So they actually have a littlebit different of a finish. The Surface Laptop’s a little smoother, a little maybe. But it shows fingerprintsa little bit more unfortunately as a result. Now one thing that you will notice as well that’s not available oneither machine is USB-C ports.

Sameports that are available on the Surface Pro before aswell as the Surface Laptop. So you’ve got single USB-Aport and a mini-display port and a headphone jack. Same thing right here onthe side of the Surface Pro. And then you’ve gotMicrosoft Surface Connector.

Sell theadaptor that let’s you plug into the Connector and add a USB-C. But it costs like 80bucks, is kinda silly. It’s kinda surprising that Microsoft didn’t just put in USB-C port on these. Now both of these are gonnabe available real soon. You can start pre ordersfor them starting today. The Surface Pro 6, it’sgot a new lower price. It starts at 899, used to be 999. And I believe the SurfaceLaptop is at 999 as well.

There’s also a ton more other stuff here. There’s a new Surface Studiowe’re gonna be checking out. Microsoft just releasedsome new headphones.

We’re gonna check those out as.