Halloween the sequel to Halloween here is my review of a film that John Carpenter personally supported and worked on a sequel to his own original cult classic I’ll discuss non spoilers first then go into spoilers with a heavy warning but boy oh boy they’ve gotta know really where to start I guess the best place to discuss is how.

Good sequel does it hold up to the first and so on and so forth all in all I think it’s as good a sequel as it.

Could be in this day and age now.

Don’t mistake that for me saying this is a good movie because.

For many reasons it isn’t but is it a good sequel yes I’d actually say yes but only as good as it can possibly be the slasher trope is so outplayed now the figures like Jason Voorhees of Freddy Krueger.

And Michael Myers are now caricatures they are no longer scary iconic horror villains they almost seem comical and cheesy mainly due to how they’ve been handled through the years but unfortunately.

It hits this particular movie hard when you see Michael with masks.

Yeah sure there is some fantastic imagery some great framing to certain scenes and it all looks pretty decent but they don’t have the Menace that they used to because.
We’re used to it and Michael Myers.

In Halloween is absolutely no different so is it a good sequel to the first movie from a storytelling perspective and how the movie plays out yes I guess but is it a good movie overall no and it’s not.

Really its own fault this is a film that I feel shouldn’t have been made or at the very least the series should now end here I said above these cliches are overplayed the previously terrifying horror icons are now just cartoonish so why is.

It so bad outside of all of that well it’s not terrible it’s just not anything there was some interesting.

Death scenes throughout the movie sure they absolutely ramped up the gore and there were little callbacks to the first.

Movie subtle omage is here and there but overall it just seemed a little rushed characters getting into situations for insanely contrived circumstances and yeah.

Sense in the story I guess but when people are running for an empty street and saying help and then you see lights of a car in the background it all falls really really flat this is a good sequel in the sense that it does something smart with the protagonist Laurie Strode is she kind of a badass in.

This yes and no she isn’t and she is she’s ruined her entire life she’s become obsessed over it dreamed it prayed for it she is terrified and frightened and she wants to kill what is terrifying her that’s good that’s a well handled character because she isn’t just needlessly a badass she isn’t the one that survived and just got on.

With it she’s the one who survived and had her life ruined a woman that lives in constant fear there are some nudge-nudge wink-wink moments to the camera even fourth-wall breaking mehta comments about.

Sinkholes now not meaning anything also how what we used to consider horrific is no.

Longer considered that due to the depravity and horror in the world today this I feel is Danny McBride’s writing as he was one of the writers involved but I could.