Hello everyone in this short video I would like to address a concern that I think keeps repeating over and over again especially among those people who seem do not have a solid science background or maybe you know those people are not very passionate about the subject the concern that they often have and they think the concern that those.

People often have concerning science is did they believe that scientists are usually.
People who work for their own satisfaction.

And pleasure while not paying very much attention to the surroundings in the sense that the their aim is not really to discover something that will make the world or Beyond a better place but rather to have this Eureka moment in the end that will make them really happy and so they will go around telling people that they have finally been able to discover something about a work that they have been.

Working on for the last 10 years or so and so they will be congratulated by their peers by their family members by people who knew them and finally they might be considered for.

The nobel prize awarded to those be crucial excellence in their fields be it in physics chemistry or economics well to those people who think that scientists are in a sense egocentric because they only work for themselves for their own curiosity not taking into consideration.

The amendments that are yet to be made in our society I think that it is not really true because in my opinion we stop them most of the scientists now it is all in the pursuit or currently.

Working in any field that has that will have.

Real-life applications in the future because Nobel Prizes have been have been and will will always be awarded to people who are working on a certain specific area that the board has decided that that particular area will show a.

Lot of promise in terms of what it can give to the society you will hardly hear about a scientists being given this prestigious prize and recognition for.

A work that is too theoretical that it doesn’t seem to have any practical application most prizes are awarded to people who whose work we’ll have whose work or going to have maybe not in the next 10 years maybe in the next 100 years but they will eventually be integrated in the world in.

Some way or another that will improve the quality of life one famous example is Albert Einstein the German physicist who revolutionized the scientific world by putting forward his theory of special and general relativity sadly the poor has decided.

Not to award him a Nobel Prize for his discovery in that field for the sole reason that it did.

Not seem practical enough to put it another way the member members of the board believed that Albert Einstein was in.

Some way somebody who lives in his head and does not care very much about others around him conversely that same person Albert Einstein was later awarded a Nobel Prize for his work was later awarded a Nobel Prize for his demonstration of the photoelectric effect which led to the realization that light is composed of particles called photons because that it might have some practical applications in the future they have.

A word about Einstein in the Nobel Prize but let me tell you one thing the theory of special and general relativity postulated by Einstein in the early 1900 is one of the most groundbreaking and jaw-dropping ideas I have ever encountered in my life still he did not win that Nobel Prize why because his work seemed.

Not practical enough but after 100 years that theory proposed by Einstein has found applications maybe you don’t do not know but you’re using Einstein’s theory on a daily basis the GPS the radio and satellites that orbit the Earth all of those make use in someway of unstyled genius so this video was meant to explain to you in very simple terms.

That you should not think that scientists or mad people who were concerned only.

About their own welfare and they neglect and that they neglect the society around them there that’s not true scientists are working on projects at health that seem to have various applications and that’s how we we Nobel Prizes I hope that job understood my message and if you still have any questions that you would like you are free to comment down below and thanks for watching this video.