Well we are gonna continue and pick back up with the rethink church brother Vern filled in for me last week and I want to say thank you for that pinch-hitting for me as we had a family member a long story short this is what we would call Aunt Millie this is laticious aunt her basically last living you might.

Hold on for just a second Michigan before I apologize I’m leading into something that just just for one second I you were perfectly fine and I but I just.

To see this next little piece be part of it but we want to just say that she is in hospice now they’ve kind of called.

In hospice and things are progressing down that way but we at least got to go and see him one of the this is the thing I want to say thank you for you gave us the freedom.

To not be here Sunday we went down Saturday or went up Saturday to st.

Louis we got to the hospital latisha walked in and her aunt’s eyes opened wider and she smiled and she it was just she wasn’t able to speak but she acknowledged the fact that latisha was there and she recognized her and it.

Brought joy to her life and so we appreciate you being willing to allow that so all of that to say that I am truly truly grateful for.

Brother Vern for brother David taking care of things while I was out and this is also October if you.

Don’t know the up until this year I’ve been the only preacher really here at the church and so you guys.

Have done things for me over the years but October is pastor Appreciation Month and I’m not the only one.

Anymore we call two other guys here at church pastor or staff whatever you want to call them and I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to say thank you and express my gratitude because if it wasn’t for these two guys in the church this year things would be very very different and so you know when you’ve been at it for so long and you’ve.

Been pushing and going and working to have somebody else come in and hold up your arms and and just provide encouragement and love means all the world and so I want to say thank you very very much to these two guys so brother Vernon if you would come up here I have just a very simple gift for you this is nothing fancy.

But I want to say thank you very much for all your service to the church this year and especially to me.
So thank you very very much appreciate David I know.

You don’t like this I will not make a big deal about it I just will give you the gift didn’t call it good but David has been serving is not even really an official role for a.

Very long time and I have been kind to not do much to for him but David thank you very much for your service to the church I appreciate it greatly David is more than just as you all know more than just a colleague a co-worker he is who I would call beyond my wife as my best friend my best guy friend so please let them know how much.

You appreciate them and what they’ve done for the church for you this year and their service to God’s kingdom so guys thank you so much not only for letting me be on last weekend taking care of things but the other times this year and all the stuff in between.

So god bless you all we want to not break the equipment well I’m going back.