So I popped over to the MGM Comicon London now for some time I’ve wanted to do a cosplay shoot and as MGM Comicon London was on I thought I’m gonna head up there and I’m gonna do a cosplay shoot and there are loads of cosplayers there there are lots of photographers at Comic Con interestingly and I got to.

People invest their time and efforts into making costumes they’re called cosplayers and they’re actually really happy to have people photograph them and talk to them about their costumes that’s what they like to do so they like to go somewhere and have their costumes and their efforts appreciated so other than youtubing equipment I took with me a small cannon aps-c DSLR and.

A small compact camera now 82 important into my Canon DSLR and that was the kind of 35 millimeter f/2 IS and I chose this lens because it’s bright and fast it was lightweight and it give me.

An approximate 50 millimeter for you but a 50 millimeter would be really good for this type of event my compact cameras are fixed loans that had 28 millimeter equivalent affordable length I also took a flash and I took.

A small umbrella kit and I took wireless triggers that would work for both cameras and I must say because they work for both cameras I wasn’t going to.

Out of them so moving around the event I would stop and ask people if I could take their photo and.

I had no objections at all and people were only happy to oblige and I stopped and have a bit of a chat with them as well now I came across some cosplay so we’re doing a shoot with another photographer and I just waited patiently and I asked if I could do a shoot with them and it was really good because they were two of them one could hold the light while I was shooting the other.

And at this point I was really glad I took the flash because I got something really wonderful and really that I wouldn’t have been able to get without the flash so without the flash I’ve got quite bland images but really cosplay is dramatic.

Vibrant and you want to really show off and make a dramatic image so you do need flash for this and due to the sort of way and father of the kid I brought I was beginning to think Howard on the right thing Britain the flash but I did decide in the.

End bringing a DSLR in a flash was the right thing but because.

And they would me to get really good images so when I took an image of fashion lose my face – out of 100 and I could shoot with shutter speeds of 160 of a second which men I could get a shallow depth of field and it also.

Meant I got quite a subdued background so the images taken in camera had quite a subdued background where you could see things the backgrounds.

Were quite blurred out so it bought a nice attention to the person I was photographing but also because it was subdued when I came to editing I could actually get that background black if I wanted to so it gave me some really good options in editing I would definitely go back to MGM Kanaka and I really enjoyed and taking portraits and images of cosplayers and I just.

Had a really nice time and I would definitely recommend using flash it might be next time I just bring my compact and flash sort of.