Hello I’m Charlene a personality that’s here and welcome to the reaction review for Halloween 2018 which is in reference to the movie that came out in 2018 that’s called Halloween not to be confused with the Halloween came out in 1978 or Halloween that came out in 2007 a lot of movies out there called Halloween but the point is.

The reaction review just went to the theater just saw it he is gonna give my off-the-cuff reaction to it and I might do a.

Long-form review of it down the road in a different video but anyway first I’m gonna start off with trying to be spoiler.

Free as possible and then kind of go and just spoil the whole movie anyway but what kind of movie was Halloween 2018 no it was a modern slasher flick with Halloween influences and.

Some of them worked better than others I feel like the way that the best parts of this movie was where it felt like Halloween but it was its own.

Thing not those scenes where it was obviously referencing a scene from Halloween or a line from Halloween or a character from Halloween our obvious setup so hey isn’t this just like you saw before is like yeah means I’ve already seen it what what what do you have to offer but it took it a long time to get into that the first this movie it’s a it’s kind of weird because it’s.

Like it’s not really bad but.

It’s not really great there are plenty of good things and plenty bad things it’s.

Just why I can say this about any freaking movie okay let’s begin to some specifics the first the first half of the movie is really kind of modern horror movie we’re gonna try to scare you with all the tricks in the book we’re.

Gonna open up to this creepy stuff it is gonna be GRU all the creepy crazy shit that.

Is the same kind of shit you’ve already seen in like every other horror movie just come out in the last five years so yay and then there’s jump scares jump scares kiss jump CEA’s first half of the movie jump scares jump scares last half of the movie suspense suspense suspense that’s the part that feels more like a.

Halloween movie and that’s the thing that’s really kind of odd to me is the whole way it goes about it is it with the with the jump scares there’s so many freaking jump scares.

The movie was like every time it feels like every time the camera changes it has to change to some kind of I got a change of this explosion got a change for food and not only that but there are so many freaking jump.

Scares in the beginning in the movie there are there’s a time not only is there a time when a character jumps out like that got you that happens twice.

To different characters do that step back think maybe you’re going a little crazy with these jump scares okay now when it comes to the you know cinematography was pretty well done it was kind of at the beginning of the movie felt more like a modern kind of movie the same kind of angles and stuff very close up they always see not.

Too much of that most of the Santos ography was really well done unfortunately also towards the beginning the movie it also seemed to have a little more homage to Halloween scenes they were still there towards the end and there was still just as predictable as you.