What’s good everybody I’m back again and today I’ve got a pair of mellow ones here and I’m actually gonna be working on an all-white pair of sample kicks for him what’s dope about these kids they’re all white so you know I can basically do whatever I want so this guy here has already been taped up and it’s ready.
To go I’m just gonna just love through the.

Process because I’ve only got two days to knock this out for the first game for jba which is June 21st today is June 19 hey I got two days and I got to make these super hot so I don’t.

Really have time to go through and tutor and explain this stuff today guys but I am gonna tape record some of the process with that said y’all I’m gonna start with the neon Rio red and I’m gonna drop this Rio red in with some to saw half and half and I’m gonna work on this sock liner and this tongue right here let’s go hey yo my hos he told me slowing broseph’s reason flowing local ocean still stuck in local notion wants to shows in.

Nova Scotia training like that locomotive was almost overdosed appoints maple runny noses praying daddy keep me float in lunch paid that money Oh discuss placing the strings aromas day-to-day they stay in coma sleeping on my painting opus what I’m just moping feeling stuff pump she’s hoping this enough new explosion those to cut Trump just the oval cut I’ve been learning.

Slow I see from their burning smoke how you rapping rapping if you apartment up Internet Oh got few friends and learned in but they’re flying from them German.

Zakat the polkas now the kid is burning know what you gonna do it when this drones and gob fell a few times to the school the Pfizer gang gang gang and ghost and violence and I’m flipping on the tube in the news solid boy cops a abusing sirens cam from the shelf see the foolish prices middle fingers to the fans – who the body center I give the money that’s true.

I’m pasta I’ll sell no dope you ain’t got no skills you ain’t got no hope gotta pay my bills God will save my soul sure def come at you faster this best you take it slow take it slow slow Thank You slow slow Jeff come at you fast fast best to take it slow oh.

Thank you slug flow take his come at you fast Matthew Thank You slow just hit crack like vinyl.

Tracks or spinal bag nest high refractive plank cached and hide the stash in time we pass but can’t buy the pass wasn’t never really on time to class hoping don’t go playing with glasses genocide genocide hide the asus rog the competing sweetie pride a crash wait really sleep in.

Day swerve this is how we livin in the fast lane been with the a straggler just a rap game trippin lone wolves hunt no cash came with him no broken up with the caffeine in them oh nothing but a rat fiend living never been fight with a vaccine kill him dead on arrival a crash.

Scene witness head on a spike brother back King killing us Reina fire but the hydrant head on pain of a bite no fight chinchilla looking at the clock no time check brother.

Observed in the black of my eyes on a swivel Joker smile but my mind is a riddle on my own way no ride in a ripple no pills so no dope you ain’t got no skills you ain’t.

Got no hope gotta pay my bills God will save my soul she deaf come at you fast it is best you take it slow take it slow take it slow slow Jeff come at you fast fast best to take it slow oh thank you slow slow make it slow yeah come at you.

Fast Thank You Matthew thank you slow take it slow slow take it slow slow just come at you fast fast best to take it slow thank you slop slop make his that’s what Matt you’re fat thanks Matthew take it slow now I’m telling you these companies trying to.

Sell me like embarrassed a star but the craft get it.

Goes like ever again there is no comparison first-gen if ever again we’re on the same side Reggie playing Marvin Harrison I’m a young man who kind of old school reminiscing playing any guessing on my cousin’s sega genesis search me on the internet.

You find that I’ve been in this spidey sense tingling my nemesis is venomous feasted broke positions making sips upon the promenade bridge rapido slaves rocking chains Amistad Hindu second mistake Muslims say Salam alaykoum lock it like a combination rocket like a bomb with patients fighting off the occupation right you know across the plane trying to push the buzz like I’m hyped up off.

The hop a racing game start roll say it’s my you guys fault blaming myself so say the pass saw Lester Miller playing I just want to know your mess.

Cuz vans making dance and she say that you the man I’m like a carotid Goku rush I got them.
Dope moves order miso soup that got that tofu Smitty’s fried fish.

South Koreans cooking so who drive around to her guarantee that rainbow foods came a long way from being stuck up off the road Dubes and focus on the rail be yourself get to know you how to.

Sing out of sight out of mind gotta think about a hinge kind of drive by the about a big daily grind surprise I’m working out the toughest now made a little money now my home and Estrada now test-drive.

Gbm’s now I’m off for weekends I spend like five buses I was blowing on it we blaze maybe I’m a grown man maybe I’m the system slave artist from the part is the hardest for this to get you pay give this trucking rapper with shuffle tell them to dig his grave just laying in the bed he made stuck in dead on jazzy plays.

A lot of elves getting raped upon their river card gas heater broke his life will make you skip a hard pass.

Blunts in the past smoking in my boys garage politicking mean ministered a mirage we couldn’t handle ours got a grip like handlebars I stole my set of waxey the heater make.

The candy gone wrapping me is easy now seeping on the ramble on but I’m still the same rose shopping for sandals on start thinking is in recession now do this from my heart that me my heart is in progression out loud bombs dropped.

Over Baghdad boom bombs dropped over afghans bang gasps in the sky sit with you choke hard to free pray God here is known yup the White House for the hideous.