Welcome back today I thought I’d do a little video on niacinamide vitamin b3 I did some videos recently about changing up the skincare wardrobe for autumn and things that I always do with my skin and lots of you had questions about niacinamide what is good for and should you be incorporating into your teens I thought I would go.

Into it in more depth so niacinamide is also known as vitamin b3 and i think of it as just one of the best all-rounders suitable for almost everyone.

Ingredients and it’s particularly good to incorporate into your routine in the September and Beyond because of its benefits in dry weather cold dry weather in me.

So there might be three um it’s useful than those with pigmentation it’s useful nose here at P Prime it’s good for poor clarity and as anti-aging benefits as well so essentially lots of people have some of those problems if not all of those problems I know I do and always fans be really helpful so in terms of its benefits of dry skin one of the ways it.
Affects our skin is to increase.

Something called ceramides now ceramides form part of building blocks which are.

The structure that help our skin trapped water and sort of me.

Evaporating into the air now this is particularly over-concerned in winter when.

Air is cold and dry so it was very low humidity and if you’re indoors using centrally turns on so again the air is still dry so ceramides are part of that building block apparatus and help us hang on some water and essentially maintain a thick robust outer layer and that just tends.

To look better dry skin which you can dull flaky and not something particularly aspire to so that’s.

Why it’s great for winter so if you’re also using a rack so it’s particularly helpful because one of them isms their retinas cause problems is by reducing the amount of ceramides on skin so you can pre treat with niacinamide particularly prone to dryness and that can be a great way to help.

You dry skin girls getting used to using retinoids to use niacinamide in parallel pigmentation it reduces the transfer of.

Pigment melanin from the pigment cells melanocytes into the skin cells so that’s really helpful particularly prone to the post inflammatory marks from blemishes on itself it’s an anti-inflammatory so is useful in unlocking pores and reducing blemishes too and they give you some details of products I like in the comment section down below something at every price point there’s niacinamide product out there to suit all of you I’m sure so tell me about your experience is nice and like is it helpful something.

That you want to incorporate and I look forward to reading your comments.