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Jin Goddard my guest is Michael Rivera editor and founder of what really happened calm welcome back to the show Michael thank you for having me again sixty Russian diplomats kicked out of the US for out of Canada and dozens out of Europe over the supposed poisoning of a former Russian agent in Salisbury England what’s your.

Take on this diplomatic war clearly trying to escalate the situation and what we’re seeing here is the Iraqi of Russia the story about the poisoning.

Of script off it’s basically the modern variation of Saddam has nuclear weapons we must attack them before they attack us and the whole story is very suspect the main thing is that Putin didn’t really have a motive to do this at this time what screw fall did was years and years ago and Putin was looking at his upcoming reelection he was looking at the World Cup and apparently you know Iceland has now boycotted the World Cup over the script all case.

So it’s just everybody’s beating their chests and talking nasty with each other and I.

Feel we’re headed toward a global war exact George Galloway was out there saying that this expulsion of the 60 diplomats by the United States and the closure of the Seattle consulate basically amounts to an act of war why are they trying to ramp up actions against Russia I think that what’s going on is our economy is in bad shape it’s very fragile and we’re it to collapse and the government not.

Have a scapegoat or a war to blame it on the American people are going to turn on the US government for having made.

This mess because we’ve been watching them pander to the bankers into Wall Street all this time and every time Wall Street behaves badly like they did in 2008 the US government’s answer is to take more money away from.

The American people and give it to Wall Street so they can go on behaving badly and I.
Think the American people are pretty much sick and tired.

Right now so I think they’re trying to get a.

Major war going so that they can blame the coming hard times on that well you know you’re hungry but there’s a war on there’s no money but there’s a war on and I think.

That’s one of the reason the other issue of course has to do with the globalist one-world government because the u.

hegemonic domination of the world has to go through Russia and China.

Russia and China are not signing on to be part of the New World Order global government the million kid march against guns will it do anything I don’t think so first of all they only.

Had about two hundred thousand it came way short some of the people up there we’re saying really dumb things like my right to safety Trump’s your right to a.

Gun well I’ve read the Constitution there is.

No right to safety but it’s parkland showed giving up your guns doesn’t make you safe the police.

Come on in and save you if you want to be safe learn gun safety get yourself a gun trained to be proficient with it and.

Keep yourself safe it’s Paul Ryan about to resign as US House Speaker yeah that’s.

The word I’m getting down here and apparently Scalise is going to be his replacement why would Ryan quit.

Unknown at this time I know there’s a lot of friction between Ryan and Trump but we don’t really know the circumstances are some restaurants now charging their customers the use of washroom well yeah they are and it’s in some restaurants has kind of always been a thing that they have pay toilets but apparently it’s a growing spreading.

Trend and it just reflects the fact that our economy is tightening up to the point where everybody is just scrambling for nickels and dimes what does that say to a customer I mean there’s usually sign saying restaurant or.

Our restroom for customers only well it is basically I’m sure going to make a lot of the customers very upset and I think overall it.

May actually be bad for business in those restaurants because I certainly wouldn’t go to a restaurant that made me pay to use the bathroom after I’ve just paid them a considerable sum of money for a lunch president Trump signed an omnibus bill last.

Week it was not a budget bill President Obama.

Signed omnibus bills and ignored instructions of how the money.

Was three spent can President Trump do the same thing well it’s basically an emergency funding measure to finance the US government through the end of the year because once again they’ve overspent the budget they did have and most of it though is a giveaway.

To the US military which is another sign of impending conflict does it look like President Trump was going to have a military build the wall well I know it’s being talked about and a lot of people are agreeing with that idea because he just did give them all that money and there is the Army Corps of Engineers.

Which has built infrastructure projects in the past are the student anti-gun marches in the u. reminiscent of the Hitler Youth absolutely and you look at the way that David hog gets up there giving the Communist salute it is very scary but yes Hitler did use youth marches to help sway public opinion on his rise to power that’s.

What the Hitler Youth Corps was all about they were out there in their uniforms and they’d carry placards and they chant slogans and it was a very powerful political tool especially in the days before television who funded the anti-gun marches we don’t really know apparently all the funding came through a 501 C 4 which allows the donors to remain anonymous so we.

Don’t know where the money came from and that to me is a red warning sign is the Democratic Party morphing into a.

Version of the National Socialist Party it’s hard to say and and I think actually the problem we have with our system right now is the Democrats think the Republicans are fascists and the Republicans think the Democrats are socialists and unfortunately they’re both right so yeah they’re becoming both parties is becoming more extreme I think it’s the safest way to.

Answer that question there’s the anti-gun war likely to be fought with guns I certainly hope not I mean the whole idea of having an armed populace is that nobody has to pull the trigger that that’s the whole point there if only one side is armed triggers are going to get.

Pulled but if the American people hang on to their guns then the government is deterred from you know encroaching on the citizenry that’s the reason we have the.

Second Amendment and again the.

Second Amendment it’s not about target shooting or hunting because back when the Second Amendment was written everybody had a gun everybody hunted the.

Second Amendment is about arming the American people to resist tyrannical government and if you look at how bad they’re abusing us right now when.

We still have our guns just imagine how.

Much worse it’s going to get if we are disarmed how.

Come people who favor the pro-gun second amendment seem to not like people exercising their First Amendment right to free speech well I I think it’s a reaction out of fear and if you’re talking about some of the violence that happened.

At the marches I think that was set up.

In stage who is David hog and should we care well David haw is supposed to be a student from that high school down in parkland but the reality is he’s about 25 years old and he actually graduated high school in Redondo Beach High School out in California just before his family moved to Florida now his father is connected with the.

FBI his mother is a big shot at one of the major news networks and even in his high school yearbook in Redondo Beach he wrote down he wanted to become a broadcaster and an actor and he was actually in a crisis video out in.

California before the move an interesting detail is surfaced today he was interviewed by TV in.

Which he admits he was not actually at the school when the shooting happened and he made did the story.

About how he he grabbed his camera and he was going to run to the school to document the shooting.

To support his career of being a journalist but this directly contradicts his interview in Time magazine where he says he was in class when he heard the shooting and told the teacher I think that’s gunfire so we’ve already got this guy just pull that.

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Five zero four welcome back were chatting with Michael Rivero Michael two new appointments in the white house Larry Tedrow becoming the new economic adviser is that a good mood well it’s.

It’s hard to say we’re gonna have to wait for the proof of the pudding on that one but there does seem to be a.

Lot of turmoil going on in the white house right now and a lot of people are saying it’s looking very very chaotic there right now is it a good move to have the head of the CIA become your national security adviser well I think the CIA has way too much power and we have way too many intelligence.

Agencies there are 17 different.

Intelligence agencies we really – one for internal and one for foreign but these agencies are gobbling up huge amounts of money very often they compete with each other they duplicate effort even Harry Truman when setting up the CIA said there’s a risk here that the CIA will become so powerful nobody will be able to stop them and I think we have reached that stage where.

The the CIA is a power unto itself it’s certainly exerting tremendous control over the corporate media it exerts control over many of our politicians and III think it’s causing more harm than good.

Don’t really have a stellar record they missed the Soviets going.

Into Afghanistan they missed the collapse of the.

Soviet Union and like the FBI I think they’re spending more time worried about law-abiding American citizens rather than actually doing their stated job do you think President Trump was thinking hold your friends close and your enemies closer when he appointed the head of the CIA as his security.

Adviser well I don’t think so I I think Trump as a businessman along experienced businessman knows that he needs people around him that he can delegate to reliably I don’t think Donald Trump is actually.

In control of his own White House anymore I think the chief of staff is I know that John Bolton has just come on in and John Bolton is firing people which is not really his job but he’s wielding the tremendous amount of influence and very obviously Trump’s campaign promise that we were going to get out of all these foreign military interventions has just evaporated and we are.

Charging right along to a global war that in all likelihood is going to go nuclear how did Bolton get the power to hire and fire people it’s a mystery.

But I saw two different articles there were maybe he’s not directly firing them but he’s going to the White House chief of staff and saying we need to get these Obama holdovers out which I actually do agree with that because those Obama holdovers have been a major problem for Donald Trump we’ll have more.

With Michael Rivero right after this say development Corpse flagship lithium project.

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Rivero Michael what’s your take on the supposed terrorist incident in France last weekend well they’re identifying the shooter as Isis and apparently the story is he walked his little sister to school then he turns around and hijacks a car killing the person in the car then he shoots with some police officers and they runs into a supermarket where he shot two more before he himself was shot and I know one of the police officers died and they’re doing the big funeral.

But again it shows how this open borders policy and not being careful about who we allow into our country is really causing a great deal of harm both in Europe and here in.

The United States of America and it’s almost like.

The these various governments and the globalist want chaos in the streets to serve their agenda is the EU on the verge of splitting up well it look it looks like it’s been on deathbed for a while and it’s still lingering on but we’re seeing a lot of the EU member states talking about breaking away and establishing their own economic deals with Great Britain’s.

So that their economies are protected.

In the event of a hard exit and there’s a lot of discontent in the member states with Brussels they.

Feel Brussels has grown too arrogant too domineering they’re very concerned about this talk about a federalized European state because they don’t want that and they’re very angry about how this flood of refugees has just ruined their Nations and.

Everything that we knew or thought about Spain France Italy Germany it’s all being washed away by the flood of.

Refugees who are just coming on in and along with of course is.

All the crimes coming on in Sweden is now the rape.

Capital of the world and it’s been an absolute disaster but the goal of the globalists is to just blow us all together so we no longer have a regional culture or historical identity because people who don’t know who they are are much easier to control several of the leaders of Catalonia have been arrested should people be allowed to have the right to determine if they want to be an independent state or.

Not according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights all groups of people have a natural right to self-determination unfortunately in today’s world the Empire builders are fighting back against that I mean that that was why the United States refuses to recognize the Crimean.

Referendum that led to their secession from Ukraine and they’re merging with the Russian Republic’s and the US response is no we’ve got to work to preserve the territorial integrity but that is a violation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights all people have a right to secede if the government they are under currently is not serving their best interests use the.

Globalist system falling apart it certainly hit a few potholes mostly because people are now aware that that agenda is an operation for the longest time it was successfully concealed and hidden from the people of the world but people are waking up now they’re waking up – first of all how.

Our national governments have become and they’re starting to see the harm and damage caused by globalism and we started to see that back in 2008 when the mortgage-backed security meltdown led to banking crisis in Europe.

Because of the economic globalism that.

Was already underway where everybody was cross-linked we’re starting.

To see that pullback now the u. is now pulling investment back from overseas.

Another sign that we’re getting ready for a war the.

European member native states are demanding the immediate repatriation of their gold bullion everybody pulling in and hunkering down we all know what’s coming we’re just waiting for a starting time we’re an example of globalism be the.

Kind of corruption you see surrounding the Olympics and FIFA the people who set up the World Cup you you might when you have somebody who’s like the world authority on anything it can definitely go to their heads one of the.

Problems with political power is it tends to attract people who shouldn’t be allowed to have it and that’s why the founding fathers set up the United States the way that they did with these checks and balances and three.

Different sections of government keeping an eye on.

Each other but over the over time we’ve lost all of that safeguard we actually had Congress refused to vote on a measure to reclaim their constitutional authority to decide where and.

When this country goes to war now it’s just wherever the president wants to attack he can go and that is a very dangerous amount of power to have in just one person’s hand what is the cloud and the cloud act was a provision that was shoved into the Omnibus spending bill this is something Congress likes to do they’ll take legislation that isn’t very popular and they’ll bind.

It into some other legislation that must have and that’s why these bills all say a measure to fund the government and other purposes it’s a giveaway there the cloud act basically says that the u. now has the authority to hack into servers anywhere on planet Earth regardless of the privacy laws in effect in.

The nation where the server is actually standing isn’t that exactly what Russia’s been accused of doing oh absolutely absolutely but it’s you know when Russia does it it’s bad and when we do it it’s good right the color of the hat on the Cowboys different yeah what approvals are needed for President Trump to get a line-item veto he’d have to get that past new Congress and Congress is not going to go for that because again they like.

To bundle stuff together the president’s going to have to sign the bill and he’s going to have to sign it the way Congress voted on it there was an attempt some years.