Knowing how to give the perfect sexy spanking is an absolute must if you want to become a master or mistress of seduction. We will teach you how to do it!

We’ve all experienced it at some point in time during our lives – whether it was expected or completely out of the blue. Maybe you were initiating it or you happily ended up being on the receiving end of a sexy spanking.

How sexy it ultimately was depended completely on your experience of it. However, let’s face it. Some individuals are naturally gifted at the act of spanking, others make the situation completely awkward and unforgettable in the worst kind of ways.

Although these create stories to remember and laugh about as time goes by, it isn’t exactly how you want your experience of a sexy spanking to be remembered.

As with any form of seduction, there are certain dos and don’ts to follow if you want to turn a simple act bedroom fun into one your partner never wants to forget – most likely even want to enjoy time and time again.

In order to help you out in that department to make sure your partner keeps coming back for more, we decided to introduce a list important dos and don’ts to guide you through the ultimate sexy spanking act.

To prevent yourself from ever being in a situation where a sexy spanking turns into something no one ever wants to experience again, try the following dos and make sure to ignore the don’ts at all costs.


Sexy and fit couple in underwear

• Warm your partner up first

The best way to turn a perfectly sexy situation into a complete awkward one is by going in for the kill before warming up first.

Even though a sexy spanking is a form of foreplay, you still want to add a few extra moves on top of that before initiating a spanking – especially if it’s the first time you’ll be adding this form of seduction to your bedroom play.

Get things hot and heavy, make your partner want more of what you have to give, and then introduce a soft sexy spanking – carefully evaluating the response.

• Communication is vital

Before, during, and after communication is extremely important to ensure you’re both on the same page as far as spanking is concerned. Some individuals really enjoy the act, some despise it.

You don’t necessarily have to have a full-on conversation about spanking beforehand, but it’s good to mention it. Talking dirty during the act is a major turn-on and may turn a disbeliever into a full-on fan.

Lastly, always check with your partner whether or not s/he really enjoyed it. It could be that they took part in the activity solely to please you.

• Find the right spot to spank

There are certain spots that do and others which may hurt slightly. However, there’s one particular spot that can bring on an orgasm more easily than other.

Yes, it is possible to have an orgasm simply by receiving a sexy spanking. Where is this spot you may ask? You’ll find it slightly below the curve of the booty.

Depending on how experienced your partner is, you can always increase the intensity slightly by either using your hand or a whip.

• Use a helper if need be

Sexy blonde woman holding whip on bed

Which brings me to my next point. It’s only natural for your hand to get a little bit numb or sensitive after spanking a few times, so don’t be afraid to introduce different methods of spanking – either by using a spoon, a whip, a flogger, or a lovely cane.

Canning, however, is for the more advanced receivers as it does create quite a sting. So, if your hand starts to fail you, introduce interesting toys to help you out.

• Remove jewelry beforehand

It’s always a good idea to remove any unwanted jewelry or sharp objects before introducing a sexy spanking as you may end up injuring your partner.

It may not be something that crosses your mind in the moment, but for the sake of your partner enjoying the moment, rather let go of any unnecessary possessions beforehand.


• Be afraid to receive a spanking

Sexy rich woman with whip on butt

No one enjoys always being on the receiving end of anything – especially not if your partner also enjoys participating in foreplay.

So when it comes to giving a sexy spanking, don’t be afraid to give in and take a few spankings yourself.

You may yourself really enjoying the process more than you thought. It creates a stronger bond between you and your partner and gives you a pretty good indication of how your partner probably feels during the act.

• Forget to dress for the occasion

This point is particularly applicable to the sexy female spankers who may want to initiate some interesting foreplay.

As any woman would know, you feel a lot sexier wearing something more along the lines of lingerie than you do in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

So when you’re in the mood to give or receive a sexy spanking, always make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion by wearing something a little bit more revealing. Try it, it’ll be worth it!

• Spank without permission

Unless you want to feel extremely awkward before, during, and after a spanking, never spank without receiving some form of permission from your partner.

This may include having a conversation long before about spanking in general and evaluating their response or getting a visual confirmation from your partner right before the act.

However, it’s always easier to apologize than to ask for permission…

• Keep it at the same intensity

Sexy couple posing with whip indoor

Initiating a sexy spanking on its own can become quite boring – especially if it’s with the same intensity during the whole act. Start soft and slow, especially if you’re both new to this.

Read your partner’s body language to determine how pleasurable it really is. You can easily tell if your partner enjoys it, in which case it would be a good idea to increase the intensity.

Always have a safe word that you and your partner can use in case it becomes too intense to handle. The word ‘no’ will simply not be enough in the moment.

• Continuously spank in one spot

Skin can be quite tender around your bum, as you can imagine. You can easily turn a pleasurable situation into one that actually hurts your partner.

So along with using various methods of spanking by introducing different ‘toys’, it’s also a great idea to choose different spots to spank – switching between the different cheeks to avoid pain.

Some prefer a little bit of pain so always check with your partner first before initiating a sexy spanking, but in general, the average person will need some time to adjust receiving a spanking in and around the same spot continuously.

Initiating a sexy spanking can turn an ordinary sweat session between the sheets into an experience to remember. Don’t worry if your partner isn’t expecting a slight spank on the bum at that very moment as the unexpected can be quite intriguing, creating a sense of wonder.

The trick to making a spanking sexy is by adding loads of confidence to the mix. Don’t be afraid to show your partner what you’re capable of.

Rather apologize later than ask for permission now, but only if this person knows you very well and you’ve received some form of permission than you may do anything remotely seductive and sexy to the receiver.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure your sexy spanking methods are up to scratch and something you can’t wait to add to your next rendezvous.

You want to make sure your partner will be pleasantly surprised by your new seduction methods. Most importantly, you want to ensure that spanking becomes enjoyable for both parties.

It can either be amazing or a complete disaster. Be gentle, though, have fun, don’t be afraid to learn as you go along and experiment with your partner, and implement the above tips to ensure your sexy spanking is an act to remember.