If you have a large computer screen, you would know that most of the web pages and browsers waste a lot of your screen real estate. SlickScreen is an application that changes things by letting you be more productive and make use of every bit of your screen.

Once you download the free SlickScreen client for your Windows OS, it works with most of the popular browsers. You can instantly cascade your browser windows in one of the 6 pre-defined layouts. Each panel (cascaded window) is a separate browser instance but interacts with each other seamlessly. You can drag content from one browser window and drop into another without losing any productivity. Each panel can have its separate tabs just like traditional browser and can be resized to your desire.

multi pane browser

You can create a custom layout of the panels and save it for future use. SlickScreen lets you zoom in and out of content and basically do everything within a panel that your regular browser lets you do. It is also a great tool to compare two webpages side by side without needing to switch from one window to another. You can also set each panel to auto-refresh and auto-rotate at your specified intervals. Over all, SlickScreen provides a non-overlapping multi-paneled interface that can let you be much more productive than just using your traditional browsers.


Note: Slickscreen is designed for high resolution displays (think monitors 15″+ and good graphic cards).


  • View multiple browser windows at the same time.
  • Choose one of the 6 layouts or create a custom one.
  • Drag and drop content from one panel to another.
  • Compare websites side by side efficiently.
  • Set panels to auto-refresh and/or auto-rotate.
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download SlickScreen @ www.slickscreen.com